If we see a bird without knowing exactly what kind of bird it is, it generally represents freedom, independence, and in some cases it is related to love.
But if we can distinguish the type of bird, for example: Eagle, owl, etc., the most convenient thing is to look for the specific meaning.

- If we see a bird CAGED AND WITH ITS WING/LEG BROKEN, in poor condition or trembling, it means that we need to seek more freedom of the soul.

- Seeing a DEAD bird is a bad sign, and tells us that there is danger, or dangerous people around us.

  • But if we see a dead black/night bird, then it means we got rid of a danger.

- If in the dream we see a BLACK BIRD AT THE ENTRANCE of our house, it means that we are in danger. That advises us to be careful and get a protection amulet.

- If we see ourselves FIGHTING AGAINST NIGHT BIRDS or against owls, it means our fight against destructive tendencies.

- If in the dream we simply see a FLOCK of birds, it means that we need to be more objective when making a decision.

- See birds FLY WITH DIFFICULTY, and then perching on our head, tells us that we should not complicate things so much and look for simple solutions.

- If we see birds FLYING TO THE SKY, it means that we should be more patient.

  • It is also important to see if it is a particular bird, such as an eagle, canary, dove, swan, etc., because in that case it will be convenient to look at the meaning of the type of bird.

- If we see BLACK/NIGHT BIRDS IN A TREE, it means that someone wants to harm us.

  • But if we see a black bird at the top of a LEMON TREE (very acid fruit tree), it means that there is someone who is distressed because he thinks that we want to harm him and that is why he is planning to harm us in some way; which advises us to take precautions.

- If in our dream we see BIRDS MIGRATING, it means that we want a change or independence.

- If in our dream we see several birds collecting TWIGS (as when they collect twigs to make their nest), it means that helping to build something good (for example, giving a donation for the construction of a new temple of a good religion, or avoiding voting for a political party that has approved or wants to approve abortion) can help us get out of trouble and find the right path. The case is to cooperate in something good even with little.

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