It symbolizes the male, and sometimes has to do with love and or sex.

- Dreaming with a full glass of BANANA SHAKE, augurs good luck in love, but if we see an empty glass and noticed that before was full of banana smoothie, means bad luck in love.

- If in our dream we see a banana with HOT SAUCE is a tip that tells us to avoid being angry and aggressive (either physically or in the way we express ourselves).

- If a girl-child dreams that she PLANTING BANANA SEEDS and see born the plant, means she have a good friendship with someone of the opposite sex, and the same means if she only dreams of banana seeds.

- If a woman dreams that PLANTING BANANA SEEDS, means the possibility of a love, or a friendship with someone of the opposite sex.

- If a man dreams of a very RIPE BANANA, tells him it's time to find a couple, visit his girlfriend, marry, etc., depending on your current situation.

- Dreaming of a ROTTEN BANANA, tells us that there is a love, (as someone who could become our suitor) that we can bring bad luck.

- If a woman dreams that she plantain BANANA SEEDS, and watch the plant born, means good luck in love, or having a friendship with someone of the opposite sex.

- If you dream you had a banana smoothie with a STRAW SO CHILDISH, or with three straws, tell us that for good luck in love we should show a little more maturity.


- To dream that you are about to eat it, tells us that good things will very little effort.

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