Represents our subconscious.
It can also represent hidden things/circumstances.

- If it is CLEAN and in order, it means: Our psyche is fine.

- If it is DIRTY OR DISORDER, it means: That we are uneasy about some circumstance that we must analyze. The same means if there is a basement present and we also see things that have a negative meaning.

- If we dream that we found a basement that was HIDDEN, it represents something or a hidden situation that we cannot see with the naked eye. It can also mean that there is an infested object (Infested with: The term used by exorcists to refer to objects that have been used in some evil ritual) or burial, that is harming us; which advises us to get rid of junk and pray until the situation improves.

- If we dream that we are at a PARTY in the basement, it represents difficulties because of something that has been hidden or something that has been hidden from us.

-If we dream that there are SOULS IN PENALTY in the basement, it means that someone has been doing witchcraft to us, and it is very likely that he has left something in our house (For example: A witchcraft burial).

- If in the dream we find a TEACHER in a dark basement, it means that there is an issue that worries us, which tells us that we are missing advice to understand or decipher the situation.

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