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Dreams: Sh

Indicates misery and loneliness unless we take refuge in, because then it means that we will be comforted by our friends.

If in the dream we are breaking shackles, it means that we get rid of something that is tying us somehow.

This sign is associated with the night to precedes the dawn, but if in our dreams we only see the shadow of someone or something, without this there that someone or something, especially if the shadow starts to chase us, represents an enemy who tries to harm us in any way.
- If we are OBSERVING OUR OWN SHADOW means pain and anguish.
- If we are OBSERVING THE SHADOW OF A PERSON WHO DOES NOT KNOW, means an unjustified fear, but if we are observing the shadow of someone we know, means we have a justified fear.

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- If in our dream shake off the dust and dirt of a shirt, it means that soon succeed in getting rid of a problem.

It means that we are enduring things of which we are not responsible (That is not because of us but because of the circumstances).
- If a woman dreams that grows BUST while she is in public and therefore feel very ashamed, it means that it is becoming very attractive but the problem is that she has to endure some uncomfortable situation of which she is not responsible, by Example: A lecherous boss, uneducated classmates and so on.

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- Dreaming about a shaman, we are a spiritual cleansing, means that we are well protected almost any attack, even witchcraft.
- If in our dream we see a shaman make it a spiritual cleansing to someone we know, means that person is well protected, almost any attack, even witchcraft.

- If in our dream we see or use shampoo, tells us that soon we can get rid of something that concerns us.
- If in our dream we see shampoo on the shore of the toilet, tells us that soon we can avoid a delicate situation.
- If in our dream we see a shampoo bottle with a photo of a party in it, it represents probable difficulties caused by someone who tries to brainwash us, that is, someone who told us a lot of lies to make us believe something that It is not true.

Shango (Orisha):
- To dream about Shango tells us that our problems will end soon. But if he is sad or angry, it means that something is not right, so we should analyze our actions well.

It warns us that our situation can be dangerous and agitated by overlapping attacks.

Shar pei:
Shar pei dogs represent a friendship or love that could deteriorate if we are not careful or prudent enough.

- If in our dream or we buy shares, says we're being reckless, which may cause us loss of money or business difficulties.

In the animated series: "Naruto", the sharingan is one of the special powers of the ninja (copying eye), and dreaming that we possess the sharingan, means that we have abilities to see things that most can�t, for example: Understand certain situations, decipher people's intentions, and so on.

- If a woman dreams that she sharpens an eyeliner, it means that showing herself a little better than she is will help her in a certain matter or project.

- If we dream that we are shaving, means it is likely to soon be deceived by relatives or friends.
- If you dream that we have beard and shave the beard indicates it is time to begin direct and vigorous action.

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- It means that we are ready to face things or issues that are coming, and if the shawl has printed or embroidered on, then the dream is more accurate, since the signs or things to see in the shawl is related to the dream message, then we can also search for the meaning of what appears in the print or embroidery.

The sheep or lambs in our dreams, most often related to good luck in the economic.
- See a FLOCK OF SHEEP, predicts we'll have a great fortune.
- If we have a SHEEP ON OUR SHOULDERS, it means a significant fortune (money).
- If we are HOLDING A SHEEP, it means instant money.
- If we LISTEN A SHEEP, it means that we will have a major help.
- If you see DEAD SHEEP, it means bad news.
- If you see a flock that goes where we are and they put the sheep BETWEEN OUR LEGS, means success, but we will have some difficulties to get it.
- Dreaming of a sheep's WOOL, promises us happiness and peace, at least in the dream we see mistreating or burning the wool, because then it means bad luck in money matters.
- If we dream that a gray sheep PASSING OVER US, represents a person who is depressed or anxious about their economic situation and this may bring to commit an injustice against us, such as a theft or a scam.

Sheep, black (From: Idiom that refers to the problematic member of the family):
- If in our dream we see a certain family member in an old car (A certain family member who in the past was the black sheep of the family), it means that we should not forget the past with regard to him (her). The point is that although he (she) seems to have reformed, it is more likely that he will return to his old habits, so we should not trust ourselves too much.

Sheet, bed:
This sign is related to the couple.
- If the BED IS EMPTY danger of someone close.
- A VERY BIG sheets, indicates obsession with sexual issues.
- If the sheets are BROKEN: means a likely divorce or widowhood.
- If we dream that we BURN SHEETS means bad luck in our relationships.
- See a CLEAN clean and well-appointed linens indicates that we are right with our partner. But if they are dirty and messy, portends: disagreements and arguments.

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Sheet metal:
- If in the dream we see a box made of sheet metal, full of money, it means money troubles because of our inflexibility. This dream advises us to be a little more flexible.

Sheets, paper:
- Moisten sheets of paper, it means disappointment or concern in our projects, but at the same time tells us that we should not give up, because what happens is that we need to do something important that can normally be an important detail that we have not taken into account.
- If we dream paper and these are blank, it means that we have no worries and also if the dream we see other signs that relate to success, means no to worry about. But if instead the dream we are writing on paper sheets, means we have a concern about that we write.
- If we see written paper, it means we have a concern about that is written, if you simply see much written paper without seeing exactly what is written, it means that we have many concerns.
- If we see papers flying or falling, it means there is a danger coming so we must be very careful in our affairs and do much more, if we want to achieve success. In some cases it happens that in addition to seeing flying papers we see in our dream a book on a specific topic, then the dream gives us some more details, for example, if it is an economics book, tells us to expand our knowledge in this area to achieve avoid failure.

- If a woman dreams that an Arab sheik wants her to be part of his harem (Which is one of their wives), represents someone who she likes, and says that he likes her, but it is a person that is already committed to someone else.

Shell bread:
To dream about shell bread, in good condition, especially if freshly brewed, means good fortune in the economic and in love. But if hard or old, means the opposite.

by letter.

- If in our dream we see shelves full of objects, we promise us that we will have good opportunities to increase our material and spiritual goods. But if we see empty or disappearing things from them, it means losses or frustrations.
- If we see bookshelves empty, it tells us that we are wasting too much time on entertainment, which is interfering in our training or our projects.

If we dream people working in the field or with the cattle, it is a warning so that we are more reflective and do not let ourselves be carried away by our instincts.

- If we dream that we accompany a sheriff to investigate a murder and in the end it turns out that the sheriff's son was killed, it means that to prevent our projects, business or company from collapsing, we must analyze the situation, experiment, observe, be more creative, or even try things that we had not considered before.
- If we dream that a sheriff tells us that if we do not put our documents in order, someone could steal from us, it means that if we do not respect certain rules, an authority could try to retain some of our documents or possessions. For example: That a traffic policeman tries to take away our license or take our car to the corral to force us to pay a ticket.

Sherlock Holmes:
To dream of Sherlock Holmes, it means that in order to achieve something we want, we must find out more about someone/something.

- If we dream that we make an energy shield with our super powers to defend someone, it means that if we decide to help others, we achieve a higher spiritual level and be appreciated and loved by our friends.

A shinobi represents a dangerous enemy.
- If we dream that WE ARE A SHINOBI, it means that someone sees us as a dangerous enemy.
On the other hand, if we dream that we are a shinobi and we fight against someone else, it means: If we win, it predicts success. But if we lose it predicts failure, unless we start to try much harder.
- If in our dream we SEE A SHINOBI who carries a saber in his hand, it means that we have a dangerous enemy; But if we see him go, it means that we will defeat him.

- Dreaming about new and shiny things means that we will have a promising future. In this case it is convenient to consult the meaning of the new and shiny thing to have more details.
- If we dream of gold coins, it means that we have a promising future and if the coins also look shiny, it means that our future will be bright (Very good).

- If we dream gold coins, it means we have a promising future and if the coins look shining, it means that our future will be bright(Very good).

Represents the path of life, usually represents the end of a stage and the beginning of another, if we travel with another(s), are those who are close to us, if such persons were lowered the vessel to reach a port, means to stay away from us, if someone rises mean that person can be close to us in the future, unless later in the dream were lowered all the ship at a port, then it means that everyone take different paths.
- Dreaming that we are in the BOW (the front of the ship), of a ship and in the distance we see ground and mountains, means that we will soon see the end of a stage in our life, which ended favorably.
- If we see a CHILD MANAGE THE SHIP reflects immaturity in us. In these dreams usually accompanied with various signs, that help us better understand the message, the case is to see the meaning of each sign.

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It means the failure of our closest projects.

The shirts in our dreams relates to our fate.
- If it is BROKEN, it means poverty.
- If the shirt is BLACK: means we can have bad feelings towards someone.
- If in the dream, someone we know, BORROW to you a shirt or blouse means that person envies us.
- If it is CLEAN AND TIGHT, augurs wealth.
- If it is DIRTY means a difficult or awkward situation.

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Shisha, hookah, hookah:
This sign represents moments of forgetfulness and relaxation.
- If we dream that we make smoke rings, it means that we will be able to control a tense situation.

It warns us that our economy will soon improve.
- If you see droppings, and also feel fear, or signs of sadism, means that our personality is deteriorating.
- If in our dream we defecating means we will have good luck in the economy. The same means if defecate and then we wipe with toilet paper, but provided they do throw out the paper, since that means the opposite.
- If we see our dream just shit, excrement tread, we smeared with excrement, or see feces in the W. C. (if not go down the toilet and leaves or droppings), means good luck in the economy.
- If in our dream we defecate with difficulty, it means we're being greedy.
- If we are with diarrhea, it means that we should avoid wastage.

- If we dream that we are in shock, it means that we are losing or we may lose control of the situation.

Shock (Start):
If it happens that we wake up from a nightmare at the same time as our pet, who slept next to us, so that when we wake up from the nightmare we see how our pet wakes up from a start, it is because of a psychic attack, and that happens because Our pets are our psychic protectors, so that they are also affected when someone has ill will or attacks us psychically, it is not even uncommon for them to receive that type of attack from us.

Shoe polish:
- Announces success in a different way than we thought or believed.

This sign is associated with the commitment and freedom.
- If we are without shoes or footwear, is a warning that we may be subject to the other.
- If we are to children's shoes, tell us we're being immature.

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- If we are using shoelaces, means that people around us feel jealousy or distrust of us.
- If we are breaking a shoelace means a bad action we can bring many problems.
- If we dream that we have shoes tied to each other, it means that for the moment we will not be able to make any compromise or that for now we will be difficult to mobilize, that is, we will be difficult to act in a certain matter, because of a certain person who is Trying to sabotage us in some way. r

It symbolizes our parents or whom we depend on in some way, but if we dream of ourselves as Shogunes or kings, it can mean that we have already achieved our important purposes or that we are being too ambitious.

Shoo/Drive away:
- To dream that someone tells us to leave the place, it means there is something that concerns us.

It means there is a danger or threat nearby.

Shooting Star:
- It means good fortune or a desire to see fulfilled.
- If we dream we see a shooting star, but we fail to make a wish, it means that we must be more vigilant, to not miss a good chance to achieve what we want.

Shopping cart:
- If in our dream we see with a shopping cart, it means that we will achieve our goals at work.

Shopping cart home:
- If we see it full, it means that we will not have money problems.
- If we see it empty, it means that we will have some difficulties in matters of money.

Short circuit:
If we dream of a short circuit, it means that something is wrong or there may be a danger.
- If we see a short-circuit connection, it is our difficulty to join two things or coordinate efforts, but also tells us that if we do not begin to do better things can get to be a danger.

Short clothes:
- To dream of a BLACK shorts or someone who is wearing black shorts, means that people with bad intentions will approach.
- Seeing a woman wearing PINK and CARVED shorts is related to a new love, but at the same time, the dream tells us that there is something unseemly about it, whether it is a married person or that there is something that is not right in that matter.
- To dream that we try on a RED shorts and it is tight, means that it is not the appropriate time to try to conquer someone (in particular) that we like.
- Dreaming of a VIOLET mini-shorts, tells us that there is something that we should not forget.
- If in our dream we see yellow and WET shorts, it means that we are acting as if we have bad intentions, which advises us to act more tactfully to avoid misunderstandings.

Short film:
- If we are seeing a short film means shyness and distrust.
- If we are filming a short film, it means that sometimes we act suspiciously.
- If we are directing a short film, it means that we tend to dominate others.
- If in our dream we see a short and clearly observe the scene, the meaning will be the scene.

- To dream that there is a shortage, it means that something will be plentiful in the future.
- But if we dream that water is scarce, then it means deficits, money troubles, diseases, or various problems.

- It means our desire to succeed, which can bring us good luck, as long as we have a firm and constant determination.
- But in our dream we see a dangerous shortcut, or going down (Way down or falling), advises us to be patient and not cut corners).

Shorty (From: Stature):
- To dream that we are smaller of stature, it means difficulties to achieve our goals.

- To dream that someone shoots or throws us a shot, then there is a looming threat.
- Listen to a bullet, warns us of a looming threat.

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If in the dream we see a shotgun, it means that there is a plot against us.
- If in the dream we simply see ourselves with a shotgun in our hands, it means we can hurt someone.
- Kill someone with a shotgun means we want to find a way to get someone to stop meddle in our affairs.
- If in the dream, someone tries to shoot a gun, but the shotgun is stuck or broken and therefore does not hurt, it means that we get rid of a danger or a plot.
- If we dream that we shot with a shotgun, a friend or a relative (Whom we appreciate), means that our negligence or incompetence can harm one of us, which advises us to analyze and make things better.
- If we shot a man with a shotgun and managed to hurt but not kill him (Especially if blood is present), it means that we are able to hurt or injure an enemy.

Shoulders symbolize the power and ability to perform.
- If we dream that the PERSON WE LIKE is based on our shoulder means that she(he) like us, especially because she(he) feels that we are always available to help, but can also mean that if we support what need, she(he) would like us even more.

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Shoulder pads:
- To dream of shoulder pads (Any kind), it means that we must pay more attention to our health or that we should have more confidence in ourselves.
- If we see a woman wearing a dress or blouse with shoulder pads, it means that if we put a little more attention to our health and have more confidence in ourselves, we will succeed soon.

Indicate our desire to dedicate ourselves to our hobbies or to complete some work that we have in progress.

Show, to:
- If a man dreams that a woman unbuttons her blouse and shows her breasts, it means intimacy and love, and if it is a known one or it looks like a known one, the dream is related to her.
- If we dream that our ex asks us to show her hands and we show them to her and tell her that they are not hurt, it means that in reality it did not hurt so much to have finished with her.

- If we distinguish well what happens in the show, the message will be what means what we see in it. But if in the show, we see act someone of the same sex and similar age to us, whichever applies to ourselves.
- If in our dream we see a show, and in this show we see someone acting in armor (Of the same sex and similar age), tells us that we are well protected, but if he(she) takes it away, then tells us we are not well enough protected.
- If we see a show without distinguishing what is going on, it means we have misgivings, or are being too timid.
- If we are running a show, it means that we are being too overbearing.
- If we are filming a show, means that sometimes we act suspiciously or with mistrust.

Show off, Boast, Brag:
If in our dream we see ourselves showing off something, it means that in reality, we want to have or achieve that we showing off in the dream.
- If we dream that we boast that we know MARTIAL ARTS, it means that we want to fight well (Fight of any kind, according to our current situation), but there is something we are missing, such as being prudent, practicing more, studying more or doing a Better strategy.
- To dream that we are sitting in bed showing off MONEY, it means that we wish we had more money to spend with our girlfriend or partner.
- If we dream that we give a SLAP to someone (To an unknown person) because we think it is very boastful, it represents a friend or acquaintance who dislikes us because he(she) likes to show off that is not have.

- To dream that we are of show business, it means success.
If in our dream we see someone in show business, it can mean passing pleasures. It can also mean that in real life we do not feel sufficiently recognized.

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The objects found in it, means options and if there is one thing which attracts us, it means the option to get it, but if the thing is strange, it is advisable to consult the meaning of that object this same dictionary.

If in our dream we are to presume some showy thing, it means that in reality, we want to have or achieve that which we have assumed in the dream.

A shrew represents a person who bothers us.

This dream tells us that we will have good luck in money matters.

Shriveled, Withered:
- If we dream of a withered rose, it represents the probable end of something, for example: If we dream of a dry red rose, it means the probable end of love.

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Seeing a shroud in our dream, portends illness.

- Indicates distrust.

- If in our dream we see a shuriken, it means trouble in our family relationships.
- If in our dream we see a shuriken stuck in a drawer means to avoid future problems in our family relationships, we must be firm in our determination, even though they might think that we are being bad or too severe.

- If we dream of a blind shutters, it means happiness. But if the shutters are closed, it means: Loneliness and difficulties.
- If we dream that we spy through an open crack, between shutters, it means curiosity about sexuality.

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