Here we see a shirt.

The shirts in our dreams relates to our fate.

- If it is BROKEN it means poverty.

- If the shirt is BLACK: means we can have bad feelings towards someone.

- If in the dream, someone we know BORROW to you a shirt or blouse means that person envies us.

- If it is CLEAN AND TIGHT augurs wealth.

- If it is DIRTY means a difficult or awkward situation.

- If we dream to we wear a shirt that brings stamped FLAG of another country, tells us that we have an identity problem, which advises us define ourselves better.

- To dream we want to buy a red shirt with the logo of a HORSE tells us to make a greater effort to achieve win a major battle, at least in the dream buy the shirt, because then it means that we already have the means and the courage to win the battle.

- If in our dream, someone we know tells us that LIKE OUR SHIRT means that likes us and wants to be in our group of friends.

- If a WOMAN DREAM OF A MANīS SHIRT means we will soon find someone to share your life, or someone special.

- Dreaming about wearing a shirt or bring NEW shirt, is related to something new, such as a new project, in this case it is advisable to consult the meaning of the other things we see in the dream to have more details about the message.

- If it is RED and is in good condition, means luck in love.

- If we dream that we are in a flea market or a market and someone seller show us RED SHIRT BUT WE NOT BUY IT, it means difficulties in love. But if we buy it, then it means we will have good luck in love.

We REMOVED the shirt (and we were without a shirt), means: Very little hope.

- If the shirt is very SHORT: lust.

- If the SLEEVES ARE LONG: indicates happiness.

- If in our waking life someone gives us a shirt, shirt or blouse, and in the dream we see the same shirt or blouse, but we note that SMELLS BAD or is dirty, we mean who the gift is angry with us or you are trying to do something against us.

- If you dream to wear a pink shirt, and then fail to TAKE OFF AND PUT ON A RED SHIRT it means a love that starts will become more intense. But if we dream we wear a red shirt and then we take off and put on the pink one, means that a passionate or intense it will become less intense in danger of ending up completely. And if in the dream we see someone we like or your partner, then the dream is related specifically to that person.

- If we WASH IT means that we forgive an offense.

- If the shirt is WET means that there may be problems ahead, but if we take off the wet shirt means that problems will disappear.
And if we see a person familiar with a wet shirt, it means that that person had many problems.

- If it is WHITE it means that we are good feelings or good feelings, and if we see someone familiar with a white shirt, it means that person is of good feelings.

- If we dream of a shirt with WORDS written, but we cannot make out what it says, it means that our future is uncertain and that's something we have not understood.

- If it is YELLOW it means that we will have prosperity.


It means the desire to succeed with the opposite sex or notoriety.
- If you dream of an OUTFIT THAT CATCHES YOUR EYE, causing an emotion, the meaning depends on the color, for example, if the garment is red, it means wishes for success in love, if it is yellow: desire for knowledge or prosperity.
- If you see an UNDERGARMENT OF OPPOSITE SEX means sexual desire.
- View an UNDERGARMENT OF OUR SAME SEX means shyness, if we are men, and in the case of women, means the same, but also can mean fear of sex or motherhood.
- If you dream of FRESH LAUNDRY AND CLEAN, it means that you're being responsible and prudent in the depths.
- If you see DIRTY CLOTHES, it means that you're being reckless and irresponsible in the intimate, at least concerned about dirty socks, in which case, mean that our situation is difficult.
- Dreaming of TORN CLOTHES, it means sadness, or received bad news.
- If you dream that YOU WEAR TESTING THE OTHER PERSON means uncertainty, plus we want someone to help us solve a difficulty or problem.
- To dream that you WEAR CLOTHES BACKWARDS, means that if you're not careful, you might lose friends or to people who assist you.
- If you dream that you CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES, represents a change of status.
- To dream that you WEAR NEW CLOTHES AND GOOD LOOKING, you said that soon receive a prize or a compliment.
- To dream that you LOST THE CLOTHES THEY WANTED TO WEAR, says that the losses not only material goods but also moral.
- If we dream that we BRING METAL ARMOR SET, it means you crave praise and awards, or you are trying to enter high society, but that did not, because these prisoner in yourself.
- If you dream you HAVE CLOTHES IN ABUNDANCE, means that you want to have good clothing and a life with less economic pressure.

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