This sign is related to the couple.

- If the BED IS EMPTY danger of someone close.

- A VERY BIG sheets, indicates obsession with sexual issues.

- If the sheets are BROKEN: means a likely divorce or widowhood.

- If we dream that we BURN SHEETS means bad luck in our relationships.

- See a CLEAN clean and well-appointed linens indicates that we are right with our partner. But if they are dirty and messy, portends: disagreements and arguments.

- If we see a sheet of many COLOR or several sheets of different colors, means likely difficulties with our partner, which advises us to avoid any situation that could lead to arguments and problems.

- A much DECORATED sheets, refinement in love.

- If the sheets are DIFFERENT from ours, presage, new loves.

- If the sheets are FUNERAL, very dark, shabby, or lie on a bed in a dark room, warns of a possible disease who are lying with them.

- If the sheets are very SMALL, lack of interest in sexual matters.

- See UNKNOWN PERSONS asleep with our sheets, danger of quarrels.

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