This sign is associated with the night to precedes the dawn, but if in our dreams we only see the shadow of someone or something, without this there that someone or something, especially if the shadow starts to chase us, represents an enemy who tries to harm us in any way.

- If we are OBSERVING OUR OWN SHADOW, means pain and anguish.

- If we are OBSERVING THE SHADOW OF A PERSON WHO DOES NOT KNOW, means an unjustified fear, but if we are observing the shadow of someone we know, means we have a justified fear.

- If in our dream SEE THE SHADOW OF SOMEONE OR AN ANIMAL (ONLY THE SHADOW), means the following:

- If in our dream we are UNDER A SHADOW TO LEAVE THEN THERE towards a sunny place, means that we take the right decisions.

- If in the dream we are UNDER THE SHADOW OF A TREE, without out of there, it means that we lack courage and determination.

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