It means that we are enduring things of which we are not responsible (That is not because of us but because of the circumstances).

- If a woman dreams that grows BUST while she is in public and therefore feel very ashamed, it means that it is becoming very attractive but the problem is that she has to endure some uncomfortable situation of which she is not responsible, by Example: A lecherous boss, uneducated classmates, and so on.

- If we dream that we are DEFECATING but strangers watching, and also when we clean, look at us and gives us shame, it is a comparison with our waking life, which tells us there is something we want to clean or fix but we ashamed what fence to think of others, which advises us to look for a discreet and intelligent way to do (Note: While dream defecate in most cases is associated with good luck in the economy, there are exceptions, like this case in the context of the dream shows us clearly that this is another thing).

- If we dream that our MOM starts saying things about us and we are ashamed, so we try to cover her mouth to not keep talking, it means that a person would like to stop saying certain things of us (not our mother but someone more).

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