- If we dream that we are SHAVING, means it is likely to soon be deceived by relatives or friends.

- If you dream that we have beard and SHAVE THE BEARD indicates it is time to begin direct and vigorous action.

- If in the dream we see someone else with a BEARD, AND NOTICED THAT IT IS SHAVING, it means the situation in which we are, requires strong and decisive measures.

- If we dream that we shave with a KITCHEN KNIFE, means that we should not trust one of our families, because we can betray.

- If in the dream we see a RAZOR, desire means try harder, to address the problems we face.

- If in the dream we RAZOR SPARE PARTS, but we note that they are very old (older model that is no longer used), means that there is a danger that fool us again.

- If we dream that we grow THICK HAIRS on the legs and the shave us, but come out again and again, this is a message that tells us that we must not lose the way and make the same mistakes over and over again.


- If in our dream we see someone epilating, means we want to get rid of some discomfort or minor problems that are overwhelming us.
- If a man dreams that epilating, means fear of losing manhood.

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