- If we dream that we are SHAVING, means it is likely to soon be deceived by relatives or friends.

- If you dream that we have beard and SHAVE THE BEARD indicates it is time to begin direct and vigorous action.

- If in the dream we see someone else with a BEARD, AND NOTICED THAT IT IS SHAVING, it means the situation in which we are, requires strong and decisive measures.

- If in the dream we shave a DOG, it means that we have bad intentions towards someone close, such as to a friend, wife, partner, girlfriend, or suitor.
But if we see someone we know to shave a dog, it means that person has bad intentions towards us or someone close to us, for example: If we see a friend shaving the dog, it is likely that he has bad intentions towards us. , but it can also be towards another close person; if we dream that our dad shaves a dog, it can mean that he has bad intentions towards our mother, because she made him angry in some way, although it can also be towards another close person, the case is to see the meaning of the other things we see in the dream and analyze our current situation, to better understand the message.

- If we dream that we shave with a KITCHEN KNIFE, means that we should not trust one of our families, because we can betray.

- If in the dream we see a RAZOR, desire means try harder, to address the problems we face.

- If in the dream we RAZOR SPARE PARTS, but we note that they are very old (Older model that is no longer used), means that there is a danger that fool us again.

- If we dream that we grow THICK HAIRS on the legs and the shave us, but come out again and again, this is a message that tells us that we must not lose the way and make the same mistakes over and over again.


Electric shaver:
- If we see ourselves shaving with an electric shaver, it means that it is likely that we will soon be deceived by family or friends.
- If we dream that we steal an electric shaver, it means we are not fooling anyone.
- If we see each other in a market with our ex girlfriend(ex boyfriend), and we see that there is a shaver stand, but we only see an empty box (The pure box without the electric shaver), it means that our ex never hid anything from us (Something never happened that we have not heard about).

- If in our dream we see someone epilating, means we want to get rid of some discomfort or minor problems that are overwhelming us.
- If a man dreams that epilating, means fear of losing manhood.

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