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Dreams: Sk-Sl

It represents our walk in this world.
- To dream that we walk on a flying skateboard or floating in the air, means that we want to reach a higher spiritual level.
- To dream that we collide while we skateboard, it is a council that tells us that we should be more prudent.

It warns us of possible messes, unless the thread is silk, because then, it means that our qualities will help us solve all problems and achieve prosperity sooner or later.

- This dream tells us that we are going through a period of pessimism and despondency, which advises us to change our attitude, and get some help.
- If we dream that we see the Angel of Death as a skeleton in a robe, and also feel fear, it means that an evil spirit is bothering us in our dream. Which advises us light a candle, preferably red; but if we do not have a candle and as we fell asleep again, the same dream repeats itself, then we leave a light on and make a prayer.

- To dream that a skeptical person throw salt by accident or to show who does he not believe in bad luck, represents someone who we are wary unfairly.

It means prompt and effective solutions, even reckless.

- If we dream to travel in a vehicle and the asphalt is wet so the vehicle skids causing an accident, means that we have entered dangerous territory that could lead us to a disaster. This dream we advises caution, and if we decide to go ahead, take every precaution we can.

- If you dream that we have the ability to build things, it means we will have good luck in our activities or our work with our creative and well done.

- If we see in our dream on a beach and then we give a Eskimo Kiss to a friend or relative who has already left this world, it is that person, who visited in a dream and tells us that he loves us, plus he already is well, as has come to Heaven.

This sign is related to health.
- To dream that we have ACNE means that we feel out of place or uncomfortable with the way others see us.
- Dreaming with a WOMAN WITH ACNE, tells us that to be successful we must care more for our physical appearance, or our appearance as to how we behave (and our ideas of what we show ourselves to others), depending on our current situation.

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- This dream tells us to watch our health.
- If in the dream we see a person of the opposite sex in our bed and noticed this too skinny, tells us to be careful with sex, because there is a danger you from becoming infected from a venereal disease (sexually transmitted disease).

In most cases a skirt tells us something about whom wearing it. And if a woman simply sees a skirt, then says something about herself.
- If in our dream see a man wearing a skirt means likely embarrassments and misfortunes.

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If we dream we do a strike, it means success, or we had a hit.

- See a skull in our dreams is a warning that there may be problems of affective or sentimental, which advises us to think and analyze the situation.
- To dream about a very clean and white skull, means a new way of understanding things.

A skunk is something or someone undesirable (Something or someone, we do not want near us).
- If we dream that a skunk CHASING us, is our fear of criticism, accusations or rejection of others.

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The sky represents our wishes and desires.
- If in our dream we see the daytime sky, it means it's time for our projects. But if it is dark, it means we are in a stage of starting projects.
- If we see a clear sky means that all is well in our projects. But if it is cloudy, predicts difficulties.
- If we see a sky threatening storm, means that our situation worsens.
- If we see that suddenly the clouds begin to gather quickly threatening a storm, then there is something we should not do, as can be that we are planning to do a bad deed, so that the dream tells us that if we do we will in serious difficulties.

See: "Building."


- If we are slandered, means that we will receive reproaches. And if we are the ones who slander, means that we are unwise.

- To dream about you gave a slap someone it means that someone will be unfair to us. But if we dream that we gave a slap someone because we think it is very presumptuous represents a friend or person known to dislike us because he likes to brag about how he has not.
- If we dream that someone give us a slap, means that soon we will have a punishment for our evil deeds.

Slates (From a roof):
- If the slates are in good condition, it means that we will have help and protection. But if the slates are in bad condition, it means that we will have worries and difficulties to be able to reach our desires.

If you dream of a slaughter, it means that we have some internal problems and advises us to let off steam by exercising or something like that helps us to distract.

- To see an empty abattoir means: pain and worries.
- If it is full, the dream augurs a total success; Except that the dream is accompanied by unpleasant feelings, since it means that disappointments approach, and the meaning of the other things that we see in the dream give us more details about that these deceptions consist of, and sometimes they tell us that it is , Which can lead to them.

- If we see a slave to our dream, the dream augurs disastrous circumstances.
- If we dream that we are slaves, it means that in a period of our lives we have worked hard, and we have suffered, without achieving any reward.

- If dream that we are asleep, it means lack of attention, which tells us that we may be missing something this unnoticed, something that we are realizing, either in ourselves or in our affairs, for what is a call not to be negligent or complacent. The same mean if we dream that we are about to fall asleep.
- To dream that our dog is barking, but then instead of see what happens, we go to sleep and our dog lies down beside us, means there is a danger that we are ignoring.
- To dream that you fall asleep suddenly, means lack of care, it which tells us that we may be missing something this unnoticed, some what we're seeing, either in ourselves or in our issues, so it is a call not to be negligent or complacent.
- If we dream that we are sleeping in our bed and suddenly someone hits us, while we slept, and the next day wake up sore, it means a pesky spirit scurrilous us to state annoying. This dream Advises us to get a silver charm place it inside the pillow; View:

Sleeping bag:
Represents very little interest in sexual matters.

Sleeping Beauty:
Dreaming of Sleeping Beauty means we already rested too and if the dream just before awakening (Like when we wake up and turn to sleep because we are still tired) means it's better wake up once, as we have important things to do.

If we dream that we are sleepwalking, it means that we did not understand a certain situation for the reason that we did not pay attention to the matter, since we were distracted by something else.

If we dream that we are asleep, it means that we must pay immediate attention to important matters, since we are neglecting ourselves, this can bring us serious problems.

- Large sleeves and in good condition, predicts that our activities will be productive.
- Narrow and dirty sleeves, augur some problems in our work or business.
- An ordinary shirt with very short sleeves represents money problems.
- If we dream that we change the shirt for another good looking but with a small stain on one of the sleeves, represents a positive change but accompanied by a small concern about sexuality and its consequences, damage our reputation, Credibility, or damage to our economy.

Sleigh bell:
- If we sound a sleigh bell, it means we have to be discreet in any matter.
- If we are missing a sleigh bell in a dream means the end of a problem.
- If in our dream we see a sleigh bell on the neck of an animal, tells us that there are rumors about us.
- If we are playing with a sleigh bell, it is a warning that we will receive unpleasant news.
- If we are barefoot with sleigh bells on their ankles, means that we must guard against manipulative people.

If in our dream we see Sleipnir (Odin's horse) it means that we have managed to find the key to be able to do things quickly and efficiently.

Represents unjustified fears.

Slice, to:
- If in the dream we see our pet in the yard, but we also notice that someone slices his skull, so much that his brain is seen, but he is still alive, although he acts like a fool, it means that if we are not frank as In a certain situation, we will stand before others as fools.

- Seeing a slide in our dream means that there is a delicate matter involved.

It means that we are powerless over that we think is our destiny. This dream advises us to note that nothing is written, and that with a little effort and God's help we can make our future is good.

Slinky (toy):
If we dream that we play with a slinky it means that we want to escape from having to adapt to a new situation (That we want things to go back to the way they were before).

- If we dream that we slip, it means that we are entering a situation in which we must act safely but at the same time it is important to be prudent and responsible, since otherwise we can end up in ruin.
- To dream that we slip with a dirty diaper (With excrement), means that we are being insecure, but at the same time, the dream tells us that we must act at the same time with security and prudence, since we are entering a delicate, put that we have a dangerous enemy that can lead us to ruin. What advises us to first analyze and plan things well and then carry it out safely and with determination.

Slipping/ Slide:
It means we're still unsure, and tells us that we have entered a field and sensitive situations that can lead to ruin if we do not care enough.

Slippers, night:
The night slippers (houseshoe) it is a symbol of freedom.
- If you dream that you wear a dirty night-slippers indicates feelings of guilt.
- Not wearing night-slippers, danger of being subjected to others.
- See us without night slippers and without walking, reveals fear of poverty.
- See us well shod, is to feel free.
- To dream that you wear a night-slippers very childlike, reveals that you are immature.
- If the night-slipper tightened we still do not know develop ourselves, with the freedom of a new situation.
- If we break a night-slipper predicts the loss of our freedom.

Slipper, glass (Like the Cinderella glass slipper):
- If in our dream we see a GLASS SLIPPER of the opposite sex means likely marriage may also represent true love. But if it breaks, it means risk of breakup with someone we love.

- To dream that we spy through an open slit, means curiosity about sexuality.

If we are slob in the dream, it means that we are failing to adapt to everyday life.

This dream warns us that there are difficulties in our business or in our projects.

This dream warns us that it is not a good time to rest, and tells us to react and be prepared for any eventuality.

Sloth (The animal):
- If in our dream we see a sloth, it means that it is not time to rest.

- If in our dream we see ourselves running away from something, but in doing so we run as if we were very slow or in slow motion, it means that we are being hesitant or insecure in some matter, which makes it difficult to progress. It may also mean: Fleeing something means getting rid of a difficulty, but if we do it very slowly, it means that we are not doing enough to escape the difficulty.

Slow motion:
- If in our dream we are running from something, but to do it as if we did run very slow or in slow motion, means that we are hesitant or unsure about any matter, what makes us difficult to progress. It can also mean the following: The escape of something means to get rid of a difficulty, but if we do it very slowly, it means that we are not doing enough to escape the difficulty.
- If we dream we fall off a cliff, but we do it very slowly or as if in slow motion, and the dream ends before fall or fall but not die, it means that we are ruining, but we still have a chance to prevent bad things end (and we still have chance to fix things). r

This dream warns that there is mean people around us.

Slumber party:
To say that we are in a slumber party means that difficult times are approaching. It can also mean that there is a situation that we are refusing to accept.

- If in our dream we taste a slush, and its taste is pleasant, it means pleasures.
- If we eat all the slush, it means that we are well on the sentimental.

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