A skunk is something or someone undesirable (Something or someone, we do not want near us).

- If we dream that a skunk CHASING us, is our fear of criticism, accusations or rejection of others.

- Dreaming about a skunk COMES INTO OUR HOUSE it means we are in grave danger. And if we dream that a female skunk, come to our home and gave birth there, it means that the danger is even greater.

- If you dream that a skunk gets into the ROOTS of a tree, represents a dangerous enemy who also likes to do witchcraft.

- If you dream that a skunk URINATE our house, means a likely illness or misfortune.

- If in our dream we see someone put WITCHCRAFT in your bag or backpack of our sister(brother), and we note that it is skunk excrement or skunk things, it means that someone is trying to provoke lead by machinations or witchcraft, to no one close to us, in order that we canít have a friend or girlfriend (or boyfriend if it is the dream of a woman).

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