This sign is related to health.

- To dream that we have ACNE means that we feel out of place or uncomfortable with the way others see us.

- Dreaming with a WOMAN WITH ACNE, tells us that to be successful we must care more for our physical appearance, or our appearance as to how we behave (and our ideas of what we show ourselves to others), depending on our current situation.

- If in the dream just see the skin or leather of an ANIMAL, means we have good luck financially.

Show all dream meanings of an Animal Leather.

- If we are to SKIN DEFECTS means sentimental concerns, unless it be very noticeable spots or eruptions, in which case, the dream tells us that we can suffer a health problem.

- If we DEFECTS IN THE SKIN OF SOMEONE WE KNOWN, means to that person may have emotional concerns, as in other cases, as that means.

- To dream that we FALLING PIECES OF SKIN means that we are concerned about our health or that we can be concerned about it, for example because we start to act reckless.

- If we dream to we have LIGHTER SKIN than it really means that we will succeed easily.

- If we are in the dream with PEELING skin, tells us that we need more protection (Best locks, better psychic protection, prevent risky situations, to be more discreet, or care our health more).

- If a man dreams of nude women with skin STAINED WITH SEMEN or if a woman dreams of having semen on the skin, means: Wishes to have sex, or we need to have sex, but also dream warns to take all precautions to prevent a disease infect, or commit an imprudence.

- If we dream that SPIDERS OUT OF OUR SKIN, it means that someone is trying to get a trap for the purpose of us to get sick (Can be from someone trying to give us something to eat, that is in poor condition or that containing some substance or someone to try infecting us a sexual disease).

- If we dream of WORMS COMING OUT OF OUR SKIN, means there is an issue that we must treat with caution.

- If in our dream we see with WRINKLES means that we fear old age or menopause in case of women.

- If in the dream, we see with WRINKLED SKIN (Like when someone has been in the water too long) means that we have gone through many difficulties, and if who we see with wrinkled skin by water is someone we know, means that person is the one that has gone through many difficulties.

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