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Dreams: Si

Siamese, cat:
- If we dream of a Siamese that does not allow itself to be caressed, it tells us about someone who is resisting being our friend or girlfriend (depending on the case); But if in the end she allows herself to be caressed, then it means that she has changed her mind, but at the same time she warns us that we should not trust her too much, since in some cases she will not hesitate to lie to us and betray us, especially if they are involved. your interests.

Siamese twins:
- If we dream of conjoined twins at the head, it means that if we do not think and plan things well, we can have many problems.

If in our dream we see a Sibyl who tells us about our future, it is a prophetic dream, where the Sibyl is an angel who is giving us an important message about what may happen in the future.

Sibyllines, books:
- To dream that we have one or more sibylline books, means that we have the means to achieve success and to control our destiny.

It is the symbol of the sharp decision, death, extinction and harvest. If sleep is unpleasant, portends death

This dream tells us we can be concerned about our health or to be concerned for that reason.
- If our dreams we see our mother is sick means it is likely that we suffer from a disease of the stomach or the stomach.
- If in our dream we see our ailing father, means that the disease may be related to the head.
- If a son whom we see sick, it means the disease, it can be heart, and sometimes it means we have more health care of our son.
- And if a brother or sister, it means that the disease may be on the legs or arms.
- If we dream that we contract a venereal disease, means that soon we may have health problems may also mean that we are in danger of contracting a disease. This dream we are advised to be cautious and get an amulet for your health.

- If we got to the sidewalk, tells us that we have achieved some security in life.
- If we walked down the sidewalk, it means that we are confident in our position.
- If we lower it, means that we can lose this situation gives us security.
- If we are on the sidewalk and got to a cruise means that we decide where to conduct our lives, that is, tells us that we must make an important decision.

It means: select and refine.
- If we see a sieve, it means that we will soon have to carry out a selection task.
- If we are shaken inside, it means that we will be the object of a selection.

It means steps that will be delayed or pressures that will be serious for us.
It can also mean disappointment or anger.

Sight of a weapon:
- If we dream that we target someone with the laser sight of a weapon, it means that exposing someone can cause revenge and resentment, so in this case, the dream advises us to be prudent.

Sign (Letters):
- If in our dream we see A SIGN, it means important information related to the signal.
- If in our dream we see a MONEY SIGN ($), it means that economic difficulties are approaching.
- If we dream LETTERS OR SIGNS THAT SEEM TO HAVE NO SENSE, or that we do not understand, it means that there is something that we have not understood.
- If we dream LETTERS OR SIGNS THAT SEEM TO HAVE NO SENSE, BUT AMONG THEM WE SEE A MONEY SIGN ($ ß Σ Φ), it means that we must study and prepare more to face future changes and thus not have money problems or why let's not understand something.

Sign (Notice):
- This dream tells us that soon we will be informed of things that we will suffer the consequences, and of which we can very little to do to save the situation.
- But if it is a store sign (Those who stand above the entrance to the stores to know what they sell there), tells us that there is information that is important and has to do with what that say or the image that we see in the sign.
- If in our dream we see the entrance of a store and notice that there is a stone sign with the figure of a Chinese dragon, it means that we have the strength and the wisdom to carry out our purposes. It may also mean that the making known of certain knowledge or the seeking of certain knowledge can give us the strength to achieve our purposes.
- If in the dream we see a sign pointing to several directions; represents the probable paths that we can choose in our life, which advises us to analyze the situation well, to see which suits us best. But if we remember what one of them said, besides that what the sign says is related to something of our day life or reminds us of our day life, we must pay attention to the position in which it is in relation to others, So if we see it up, it means that this is the option that suits us best, but if we see that there are others higher up, (like the one shown in the illustration), it means that we must choose a better option.

If in our dream we see a signal, it means important information related to that sign.

Signs, Obscene:
- If in the dream we see a person who makes us an obscene sign (such as when someone raises their elbow in front of a person) and then tells us that they are going to kill us, it represents someone who is trying to make us witchcraft or harm us somehow, and her sex, gives us a clue about who she is, so that if she is a woman, it is because she is a female person, but if she is a man, then, it is a male person.

Signal of TV/telephone:
- If we dream that our cell phone has no signal, it means that it is difficult for us to communicate with others or with someone in particular.
- To dream that we are watching a television without signal, means distrust related to a difficult matter. This dream advises us to study more and seek a little help.

Signal, traffic:
- If we dream that the bus driver is driving recklessly and DAMAGING THE TRAFFIC SIGNS, it means that we should not ignore the danger signs, for example: When a place looks dangerous, when we see someone acting suspiciously, when something is missing. important detail in a transaction...
- A LANDSLIDE SING means that if we are not careful what we are thinking of doing, something can go very wrong.
- If it is a TRAFFIC LIGHT, and the light is green, it means that everything is fine and that we continue with our plans. But if we see the light in red, it is a warning, which is related to our plans, in a way that tells us to stop and analyze the situation very well, before continuing or we may end up in serious trouble.
- If in the dream we see a STOP SIGN, it tells us to stop (regarding something we are doing or thinking of doing), since we are about to do something that is too risky.

- If in the dream SEE FIRM means to be making important decisions that we may be beneficial.
- If in our dream someone tries to force us to SIGNING SOMETHING, means that we are weak of character, this dream we are advised to act with more force and determination.
- If in the dream someone tries to force us to SIGN SOMETHING WE KNOW THAT IS LIE or not true, it means that is likely to disappoint us, unless we begin to act with more force and determination. But if we sign it, then, means that someone has already let us down, but still have a chance to change things.
- If we dream that WE REFUSE TO SIGN A CONTRACT or that someone refuses to sign a contract, says it is very likely that soon someone asks us to sign a contract, but we read very well, and if we disagree, is better not sign it.
- If SOMEONE TREIES TO TRICK US TO SIGN SOMETHING, it means that we are weak in nature or that we must be alert to avoid being taken advantage of us.
- If in the dream we TRY TO FORCE SOMEONE to sign something, it means that we are trying to induce or influence someone in some way, to do what we want. This dream advises us to be more honest with others.
- If we TRY TO TRICK SOMEONE to sign something, it means the same as before, this is, means we are trying to induce or influence someone in some way, to do what we want. This dream advises us to be more honest with others.

Signs, how to counteract a bad sign in our dreams.
Sometimes the same dream tells us to do, like when you dream that someone we know gives us bills, in which case just be careful about that person, to avoid the difficulty, another way to counter is a bad sign means of an amulet.

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- If in our dream we perceive a great silence, it is an indication that we feel guilty, which is a call to reflect on our actions.
- If in the dream we see many people who observe us insistently, the dream indicates that others are not paying attention to us.

by letter.


Silencer (Of a gun):
- If someone shoots us with a weapon with a silencer, but does not hit us, it means that someone wants to harm us without anyone knowing, for example: Someone who tries to commit fraud or a breach of trust against us, without leaving a trace, so that we cannot sue him, but since in this dream he did not manage to hurt us with the weapon, it means that he did not achieve his objective.

- If we dream that something is silent or becomes silent, it means that we feel guilty, which is a call to reflect on our actions.

Silent, remain:
- If we are faced with someone we know without saying anything, it means that we reject that person.
- If the person remains silent is the other person's rejection of it to us.

Silicone to glue or join things:
- The silicone to glue or join things, in our dreams, represents a person skilled in his profession and who knows how to handle people; in this case it can be a friend or an enemy, depending on the other things we see in our dream.

Silk symbolizes sensuality.
- To dream of white silk garments, it means that we have good hopes of marriage.

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- If in our dream, we find silver, it means that we will enjoy significant benefits through a lady.
- If we see blackened silver, means losses related to the meaning of the silver object, and if pure silver, it means that will be lost because of a lady.
- Dream with silver coins, means good fortune. in this case, it is also desirable to check the meaning of coins.
- Dream with silver medal means good fortune.
- If in the dream just see silver bullets, bringing good luck and a quick solution to a difficult problem.

Silver (Color):
The silver is usually related to the moon and protection, but sometimes it can represent speed and/or technology, depending on the context of the dream, for example:
- If we dream of a VW brand car, silver and new, which we think is fabulous (But as long as it is not a Beetle), represents the possibility of buying a good car soon.

If in our dream we see someone who looks like someone we know or a family member, represents the family or known person.
- To dream that someone who looks like the person we like to think we're married, it means that the person we love, it is not love us enough, because she(he) thinks we're married.

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Simpson family (The animated television series):
- To dream about APU it means that sometimes we work more than we should and that instead of being recognized for our effort, they make fun of us.
- BART SIMPSON represents someone popular but uncompromising. But if we dream that we are Bart Simpson it means that although it is good to be popular, we must not lose sight of our obligations, since otherwise we can end up in a difficult and ridiculous situation.

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To dream that we committed a sin represents a complex of guilt.
- If someone in the dream tells us that ghosts bother sinners, it means that we feel remorse for something.

Singani (Wine):
- If we dream that we share a bottle of singani with someone we know, it means that we have a good affinity with that person.

If in our dream we see a famous singer, can mean passing pleasures.
It may also mean that in real life we do not feel sufficiently recognized.
- If we dream that we ARE A FAMOUS SINGER, the dream augurs success.
- If in the dream we see a famous singer, but also present a FRIEND, means that we do not feel sufficiently recognized or that someone do not recognizing our efforts, but we will have a little help to change the situation.

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This dream shows us our desire to become independent.

- Sinking indicates annoyances in any field unless we are exhausted in real life then it indicates that we need a vacation.
- If we dream that our house sinks (For example: Like when too much water is extracted from underground and that causes subsidence), it means it is likely that soon we face difficulties and problems.

- If we dream that we fall into a deep sinkhole with water, it represents the danger of falling into a desperate situation.

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Sister and Brother:
Our brothers and sisters in dreams, in most cases are a reflection of ourselves, and in this case, no matter whether of the same sex or the opposite sex.
- If in our dream we see DIE our brother(sister), the dream tells us that something can end badly.
- What we see in dreams DO OUR BROTHER OR SISTER is like seeing ourselves so that we can see through them our fears, desires, emotions, what happens to us, so... (Although there are some exceptions).

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Sister in law:
- Indicates that family structure changes.
- If we see our sister in law abusing our trust, it means we must be careful with her, because it can cause us a long family conflict.

- If we do sit-ups in our dream, it means that we can have a long and healthy life as long as we exercise and live a healthy life.
- If we see someone you know doing sit-ups, means that person can have a long and healthy life, but only during exercise and lead a healthy life.

Sitting, Sit down:
- If a man dreams that a married woman sits on his LEGS it means good luck in love, but at the same time he tells him that there is something wrong. - If we see ourselves SITTING ON THE FLOOR or on the ground, the dream predicts failure, unless we change our attitude.
- To dream that we are SITTING ON THE FLOOR/GROUND, AND THEN we get up, means that despite the difficulties, we have the determination to continue with our initiated actions, which will bring us good luck.
- If we dream that while we are traveling on the bus or in a passenger transport, SOMEONE WANTS TO SIT, BUT does not do it and gets angry with us, it represents a person who does not have the capacity to occupy a certain position / position, in addition to us he is envious because he cannot do what we can.
In this case it may also be convenient to consult: "Chair or Armchair".

- To dream that we fix the situation or a problem, means that we will soon be able to get out of a problem or we will be able to repair a difficult problem. In this case, it will also be useful to consult the meaning of the other things that appear in our dream.
- If we dream of something that is directly related to the situation that we are going through in our daytime life, in most cases it is interpreted as a contrary sign, for example: If in our daytime life our wife (husband) abandoned us and we dream that he returns, means the opposite, that is to say, that for the moment he will not return. If in our daytime life we are worried because we do not know if our family will accept our girlfriend (boyfriend), and we dream that our family accepts her, it means exactly the opposite, that is, that they will not accept it...

- It is an unfavorable number, and dreaming about it means difficulties, the same means if we dream a number ending in six, for example: 84786. But if we dream two numbers six (66) it means that the difficulties will be even greater and if it is a 666, then it means that in addition to difficulties, we will have very bad luck.

- To dream that someone or that we are wearing pants that are not our size means that there is something that we must correct or do well.

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