- To dream about APU it means that sometimes we work more than we should and that instead of being recognized for our effort, they make fun of us.

- BART SIMPSON represents someone popular but uncompromising. But if we dream that we are Bart Simpson it means that although it is good to be popular, we must not lose sight of our obligations, since otherwise we can end up in a difficult and ridiculous situation.

- To dream of HOMER SIMPSON represents a weak person of character who always gives up early, which advises us not to trust certain people too much, as they could make us look ridiculous.

- If we dream of the HOUSE of the Simpsons (The pure house), it means that if we try too hard to help a certain person, in the long run they will abandon us, and we will make a fool of ourselves (in the sense that it is okay to help others, but not excessively, since we could put our own interests at risk).

- To dream of KRUSTY THE CLOWN, it represents a nice person but who is also a bad influence.

- If we dream of LISA SIMPSON, it means that we must study more, even if that means getting a little away from a love or from our friends.

- If we dream of MONTGOMERY BURNS, it means that to avoid being ridiculed or abandoned, we must avoid being too greedy.

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