Sometimes a dream can be a very bad meaning, such as dream of paper money, black blood, etc., but if nothing has happened even bad, it means we can do something to prevent happen, for example: Sometimes the same dream tells us to do, like when we dream that someone we know gives us paper money, in which case just be careful about that person, to avoid the difficulty.
But when dream does not tell us to do, then, depending on the case, we can do the following:

• If in the dream we see a relative or friend who has already left this world and there are negative signs, tells us that family or friends need our help, as it is through our prayers, for example, can burn a stick of incense and say the following prayer:
"Oh God / allows the Coyolnahual / guide the soul of my (Father, mother, friend, uncle, grandfather, as applicable) / to you / I promise you / be faithful / and make your fast / "The Coyolnahual is the angel that among its functions is to bring the lost souls, to Heaven (Note: Any prayer to God is good, whether we call God, Racna, Allah, Law of Karma, etc., since it is the same Being)

• If it's DIFFICULTIES IN A PARTICULAR CASE, we can get a special amulet or talisman for that matter, for example:

    a) Athena for a difficult exam (See: nelamoxtli.com/charmab.html )

    b) If you have nightmares and can not go back to sleep because the nightmares continue, there are several ways to counter it, and here we mention one of them: "In the name of God, in the name of the Good Spirit, I exorcise you, impure soul, and I command you to leave here, as same all be adverse. "And is holding a silver amulet (May be a four leaf clover silver or a silver coin engraved with the image of an eagle or a tiger), then breathe deeply and exhale several times; is also recommended to destroy any signs that may be malignant such as images containing pentacles.

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