If in our dream we see someone who looks like someone we know or a family member, represents the family or known person.

- If we dream of someone that looks like an OLD LOVE, and to we try to get closer but then we realize that is another person, represents someone who attracts us and we think we can be a little like the person we loved so much, but in reality there is nothing like also the dream tells us not for us.

- To dream that someone who looks like the PERSON WE LIKE to think we're married, it means that the person we love, it is not love us enough, because she (he) thinks we're married.

- If in the dream we are in love with someone who looks like SOMEONE WE KNOW, it means that we love that person and that she(he) loves us too.

- If we follow the instructions to see SOMEONE WHO ALREADY LEFT THIS WORLD in our dreams (See: Types of Dreams) and dream to someone who looks to the person we wish to see in our dream, it means that it is that person, who visits us in our dream to give us a message, which is related to the meaning of the other things we see in dreams or dreams with others that we had that night or in the morning.

- If in our dream we see a THING that has a similar with something, represents that something that looks and is related to the meaning of the other things we see in the dream.

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