If in our dream we see a famous singer, can mean passing pleasures.
It may also mean that in real life we do not feel sufficiently recognized.

- If we dream that we ARE A FAMOUS SINGER, the dream augurs success.

- If in the dream we see a famous singer, but also present a FRIEND, means that we do not feel sufficiently recognized or that someone do not recognizing our efforts, but we will have a little help to change the situation.

- If in our dream we see a famous singer, and we try to be closer to him, but his BODYGUARDS STOPPING US it means that someone is trying to avoid to achieve our goals.

- If in our waking life we meet someone who is FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY for example, From Japan, and in the dream we see a famous singer or actress who tells us that he is Japanese, means that person, whom we know thinks that we are not taking into account or that we do not appreciate enough.

- Dreaming about a famous singer GRAVEL A NEW ALBUM, it means that we feel that our work has not been sufficiently recognized, moreover, the dream tells us that the reason is because we have not done well enough, and we are giving around in circles without getting anywhere, which advises us analyze the situation before proceeding.

- If we dream of a famous singer, of the same sex and LONG AGO, for example: If a man dreams of Elvis Presley, he does not feel well enough recognized and feel nostalgia for the past.

- Sometimes we dream of a singer who has a RESEMBLANCE to someone we know, in which case the dream is related to the person who looks like him, so that the meaning of the other things that appear in our dream, must see precisely with that person.


- If we dream to act in a play or an opera, and everything goes right, means lucky events, but if something goes wrong, then, tells us that in our day life something will not quite right. - If not let us act in a play or an opera, tells us we have little chance of taking part in an important matter.

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Actors /Actresses:
- If in our dream we see an actor, it may mean passing pleasures.

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