Famous people in our dreams, like actors and singers, usually mean we feel that we are recognizing not enough, either because they are not appreciating our abilities, work, merit, effort, or as individuals. But if we see an actor with someone we know, then, means that that person does not feel sufficiently recognized.

- BE AN ACTOR IN OUR DREAM augurs success.

- If in our dream we see an actress or actor, and noticed that BRUNETTE SKIN but in real life is of another color, means that the dream has to do with someone they know and that is of brunette skin, but having a resemblance to the actress or actor of our dream, (even with one of the characters she(he) has played), and relates to the meaning of the other things and details we see in the dream.
The same means with other SKIN COLORS.

- If we DIRECTING A MOVIE, means that we tend to dominate others.

- If in our dream we see an ACTRESS ALL DRESSED IN RED tells us that we are not feel loved enough or appreciated by your partner or girlfriend.

- Sometimes we dream of an actor or an actress HAS A SIMILARITY WITH SOMEONE WHO KNOW, in that case the dream is related to that person that looks like the actor or actress, so the meaning of the other things that appear in our dreams, deal precisely with that person.

- If we dream that someone we know IS AN ACTOR OR SINGER means that person feels that we are not recognizing enough or we are not taking sufficient account.

- If we dream that a certain actor or famous singer IS OUR FATHER, means, that our father did not feel sufficiently recognized, or feel that we are not taking sufficient account, and the same mean if I dream an actor is our FAMILY for example, if I dream that a certain actor is our cousin, means that our cousin did not feel sufficiently recognized.....

- Dreaming with an actor or actress of the SAME SEX AND WHO WORKED OF LONG AGO, for example: If a woman dreams of Marilyn Monroe, she does not feel sufficiently recognized and homesick while for the past.

- If in our daily living SOMEONE WE KNOW WHO IS FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY, for example: From Japan and in the dream we see an famous actor(actress) that tells us which is Japanese, tells us that person think taht we are not taking into account or that we are not appreciating enough.

- Sometimes the dream can be accompanied by other signs that highlight the PERSONALITY OF THE ACTOR or a character she(he) has played, in which case the dream tells us that we want to be like the actor or the character interpreted.

- If we dream that the SOAP OPERA ACTOR OR ACTRESS IS OF OUR FAMILY, means that some of the character he plays in the soap opera, and history of the soap opera, is related to our current life or with our desires.

- If we dream that we will take a photography an actress or actor, but she(he) turns to face we arrive TAKE PHOTO, represents a person who does not feel sufficiently recognized. You can also represent someone who thinks we're not taking into account an important issue or do not care what happens.


- If the dream we see a representative or dream that we are the representative of a famous singer or artist, it means that we are able to help someone who does not feel sufficiently recognized, and who can become good way to thank our help .

- If you hear songs in our sleep, it means happiness.
- If in our dream we are singing in a temple, it means we will soon see made ??our desires and hopes, and if in it we see an image of the Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) means that the die will be higher, but if we see it a crucifix: it is a bad sign, especially if the picture is unpleasant, in this case means confusion.

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