Our brothers and sisters in dreams, in most cases are a reflection of ourselves, and in this case, no matter whether of the same sex or the opposite sex.

- If in our dream we see DIE our brother(sister), the dream tells us that something can end badly.

- What we see in dreams DO OUR BROTHER OR SISTER is like seeing ourselves so that we can see through them our fears, desires, emotions, what happens to us, so... (Although there are some exceptions).

- If in our waking life we have a HALF-BROTHER(HALF-SISTER) (that is, biologically we are only brothers by our dad or our Mom), and dream with him(her), the message is related precisely to him(her).

- If we dream that we are in a resort, and wish to delve into a pool like this very deep but we dare not get us, but then our brother (sister) HELPS somehow to get us; means we have difficulties, yet the dream advises us help ourselves, that is, tells us that out of the problem we must make an extra effort.

- To dream that one of our brothers(sisters) HIT US, but then he(she) asks us for forgiveness, says it is likely that brother(sister) make us suffer some disappointments.

- If you dream that your sister(brother) asks you, to MARRY WITH HER(HIM) and it happens, although we do not want to, we accept, means that we or someone close to us is in danger of death (for example: Dying for an accident). In this case it is best to get a silver amulet to prevent something bad from happening.

- If in the dream we see one of our brothers(sisters) and it happens that he or she does something, and then we REFUSE TO DO THE SAME OR HE(SHE) SAYS SOMETHING AND WE SAY OTHERWISE; represents an internal struggle, as if a part of us wants to do something and the other part of us wants to do something else. In this case the dream advises us analyze things well and do what suits us (and the meaning of the other things we see in the dream can give us more details.)

- If in our dream we see one of our SMALL BROTHER(SISTER) whom sometimes we have to take care, means that we must ensure that they are well and not having any problems we should know, for example: If we dream that our brother nosebleed means that we must care for more, especially in the next few days to avoid suffering an accident, such as being cut with scissors or any other sharp object.

- If in our dream we see THE BROTHER(SISTER) OF SOMEONE WE KNOW, we should pay attention to what you do or to happen, because the meaning of it applies to that someone we know.

- If we dream that one of our brothers(sisters) SUICIDE, means that we are dissatisfied with our life or something of it. In some cases relates to our brother(sister) and tells us that he(she) is unhappy with his life or with some of it, which advises us to help as we can.

- If we dream that someone we know is doing WITCHCRAFT IN THE BEDROOM of our brother(sister), means to that person trying to use any means possible to you finish with your girlfriend(boyfriend ) or partner.

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