- If we dream that a red rose withered BECAUSE WE STEPPED ON IT, it means that with our attitude we are ending a love.

- To dream that we CLIMB A WITHERED TREE, means that we have not achieved success, because we have not tried hard enough or we have not done things well enough.

- If we dream of a withered ROSE, it represents the probable end of something, for example: If we dream of a dry red rose, it means the probable end of love.

- If in the dream we SEE FLOWERS WITHERING (As those are withering), it means that a relationship has ended or it warns us of a disappointment.
But if in our dream we see slightly withered flowers (As it can be with the dry edge), it means that we need to try harder so that our love, work or business affairs do not fail.


Dry off:
- If we dream that we GET OUT OF A POOL DRY (without getting wet), it means that we have got rid of many difficulties, despite our lack of care.
- To dream of drying something or that SOMETHING IS DRYING, it means that our relationships with someone who is close to us can change.
- If in our dream WE DRY OUR TEARS, it means that our worries will end soon.

Dryer, Clothes:
To dream of a clothes dryer it means that our relationship with someone may change or that our way of thinking about someone/something may change soon.
- If we dream underwear of our same sex in a clothes dryer (or we see our underwear in the dryer), it means that our way of seeing things with respect to sensuality (sex), may change soon, but in any way We must not forget to be responsible in the intimate.

This dream tells us that we are trying to hide mistakes that we have not committed or for which we are not responsible.

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