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Dreams: Mo

Mobile balance, Cell phone credit:
- If we dream that we have run out of credit or our cell phone balance, it represents a danger or a worrying situation.

Mock-up, house:
A mock-up represents our life projects and depending on how it looks like this will be our projects, so if it goes wrong, it is because things are not going well and we must reevaluate the situation; But if it looks good then it means that our projects are safe.

To dream about a mockingbird represents the light, and the road to success.
- This dream tells us to do well and that approach good times.

It represents health problems.
- To dream of an UNKNOWN CHILD crying, and to whom mucus flows through his nose, represents one of our enemies, who sometimes behaves immature, and has even gotten sick by the anger he does when he fails get away with it.
- If we dream that one of our CHILDREN (Son/Daughter) has mucus flowing through their nose and mouth, it means that we must take good care of their health and diet to prevent them from getting sick.

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Indicates the renunciation of one's personality.

Model, automobile:
• BETTLE: It tells us that others do not see us with respect, especially when it comes to an old bettle.
• CADILLAC: It represents success, and driving a cadilla tells us that others see us as successful people. But if we see a cadillac in bad conditions, as if it had been left for a long time, it tells us that we are not doing something that was helping us achieve success.
• If in our dream the most notorious is the LOGO OF A MUSTANG, or of a FERRARI (The horse), it tells us that we will have the courage to face difficult battles.
• If in our dream we see a JEEP, it tells us that we have the strength and determination to carry out our projects. And if he stumbles on a white jeep, he tells us that in addition to the above, he tells us that we are doing the right thing (Let's go well).

- This dream tells us that we will have good luck in our projects.
- If we dream that we have the option of choosing between something modern and something rustic, and we choose the rustic, it means bad luck in our projects because of a bad choice or our lack of courage to do things. But if we choose the modern, then, it means good luck in our projects because we choose well and are determined to achieve success.

- To dream that we modernize something means that updating our business or our equipment will prevent us from having difficulties in the future and will bring us success.

- If in the dream we left the garage in a very modest car (What we remember most is that it was an ordinary car, ugly, simple, or modest) means that although we have good chances in an affair (In the future), the dream also It tells us that if we go ahead with it, it is likely that others will stop seeing us with respect, so we have to review our plans well and look for the best way to do things, so that others do not see us wrong.

- If we dream of a modified car or we see a specialist in modifying automobiles, it means that improving the aspect of our business or our tasks, will prevent us from having difficulties in the future and will bring us success.

- If in our dream we see an uncle dressed as a rebel without a cause, for example: With mohican hairstyle and sleeveless jacket, it means that to avoid an unpleasant surprise, we must respect social norms more.

- If in our dream we see wet pants, it means that our timidity is causing us difficulties.
- If in the dream we note that there is moisture in the walls, it means that we are acting with insecurity and fear, which advises us to start acting more decisively and safety in order to achieve what we want.
- Wearing a wet hat, it tells us that our insecurity and distrust fitness is preventing us from achieving our goals.
- If in the dream we note that there is moisture on the roof of our house, it means that we have a sense of fear, doubt, frustration, or insecurity.

- To dream with molars, means: obstinacy or perseverance.
- If we dream that we lose them, it means failure or frustration.

To dream about mold represents corruption and hypocrisy.

- It means bad luck.

Mole sauce:
To dream of mole sauce or to eat mole, means good luck.

In this case the meaning applies to who has the moles.
- The moles in the ARMS tell us about a probable marriage.
- The moles in the BREAST say that it is a person of bad character.
- The moles in the EARS represent an unpleasant surprise.
- The moles in the middle of the FRONT signify good fortune and longevity.
- The moles in HIPS represent sensuality.
- The moles in the LEGS, tells us that he is a conflicted person. - A mole near the MOUTH means that we tend to be good and generous, unless it is near the mouth but the left side, since then, it means that we are sensual and attractive.
- Seeing someone with moles in the MUSHROOMS means that he is a studious person, and he loves wisdom.

Mona Lisa:
- If in our dream we see a painting of Mona Lisa, but we noticed that the lady in the painting wears a fur coat, it means that if we are more creative, we will achieve prosperity.

- To dream that we are against the monarchy means that we would like things to be more democratic or that the others take our opinion into consideration.

This dream tells us that we will soon realize our wishes and hopes, and if we see an image of the Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) it means that our luck will be greater, but if we see a crucifix in it: it is a bad sign, especially if the image is unpleasant, in that case it means confusion.
- If we see a monastery from afar and we do not approach, it means disappointments.

The bills in our dreams mean money problems, so if we see bills means money problems but if the bills disappear equals rid of the problem.
If the bills are from another country also means money problems but then also tells us that the problems come from something or someone from the country from which these bills, but if bills are fake, means, false poverty, that is, as when we constantly complain about our economic situation, but we're actually not that bad.
If it is money debts, such as an account statement, it means that if we are not cautious enough, soon we can get to see financially strapped and numerous debts.
For coins dream meaning is good, as they represent a sacred seal.
- If we see BILLS AND COINS IN A BOX means to avoid money problems in the future, we must be signed in our decisions, even if it seems we're being bad.
- Dreaming BROKEN BILLS or to the bills we broken, is to get rid of financial difficulties.

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Money sign $ :
- If in our dream we see a money sign ($), it means that economic difficulties are approaching.

- If in our dream we see a monk, the dream augurs us good luck in the economic and spiritual, unless we are not believers, then it means calamities, unless the monk speaks to us, in that case it means the end of our problems.
- If in our dream we see a monk and a crucifix, it means confusion and suffering.
- If a man dreams that he is a monk, and that we have sex with someone of the opposite sex, it means that his sexual life is difficult because of a guilt complex, which advises us to get rid of it is complex that is unjustified.
- If a woman dreams that she has sex with a monk, it means that there is a feeling of guilt related to her sexual relations or sexual desires.

It symbolizes our instinctual personality if we dream of a monkey, it is advice to be more thoughtful and not let ourselves be carried away by the instincts.
- If in our dream we see a monkey in the waters of a river, it tells us that in our life, it is important that we learn to control our emotions and instincts.
- If we dream that we feed a monkey with coal, it means that if we do not control our instincts and emotions, we can provoke someone's jealousy.

- It means that our vision of things is distorted.
- If it is colored, it will indicate something else about this vision.
- If we lose it, it is a warning about our lack of attention to others.
- Seeing one means that our words will be misinterpreted.
- Breaking it, presages damage in most cases an economic damage.

- This dream tells us that something of that the monograph says or something of the character's life (In the case that the dream talks about a character in the story) of the person who is dealing with it, is related to or resembles our current situation.

Dreaming of a monorail has the same meaning as sounding with a: "Train".

The monsters in our dream, in most cases represent perversion, that is, the dream tells us that we are letting ourselves be carried away by evil. But if the monster terrifies us, then it tells us that we are still tied to childish fears and/or guilt complexes.

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Monster high (The doll):
- If a man dreams of Cleo de Nile or we see the cartoon of a mummy, it means that there is a danger that something that used to happen to us in the past with a certain type of girl would re-emerge or happen again, in the sense of the danger of let them abandon us and make us look ridiculous.

- If in our dream we see ourselves admiring a statue or a monument, it means that our wishes will be fulfilled

The moon represents the cycles of life, but can also mean the announcement that something good is about to happen; it can be a love or a project.
It also relates to all feminine things and fertile, especially with love and romance. The phases of the moon will indicate the degree of evolution than forecast.
-- If in our dream we see a BUILDING and above it, we see a moon, it means we can move forward with our projects, since there is no danger or risk.
-- To dream about a very DARK NIGHT but then we look up and see the moon, means that despite what it may seem we are safe from the dangers that can actually arise.

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- A very GOOD APPEARANCE moose represents success and prosperity.
- If the moose go HERD indicates prosperity and successes nearby.
- Dreaming of a black moose with black HORNS represents a person who can be useful to us but who at the same time is a troubled and troublesome person.
- If someone KILLS A MOOSE, means unsuccessful projects.

The mops in our dream relate to the risk of embarrassment or the risk of experiencing money difficulties.
- If in our dream we see a mop, it means that we are in danger of suffering a shame or deprivation of money.
- To dream that we are cleaning with a mop, means the same as the previous one.
- If we dream that someone hits or tries to hit us with a mop, it means that a person is abusing or taking advantage of us.
- If a man dreams of his wife cleaning with a mop, it means that he is at risk of suffering embarrassments or unavoidable commitments.

- If we dream that we act with morbid or that something causes us morbid, represents our attraction to something forbidden or that there is someone who is putting us too many prohibitions, and which means the first or the second, depends on that we analyze our current situation.
- If a woman in her dream sees that there are many morbid people watching the scene of a woman's accident, it means that she must be prudent to avoid undesirable people and/or gossips.

More (From: More than it is in reality):
- If a man sees his girlfriend in the dream, but notices that she is prettier than in reality, but at the same time looks more obese, it means that he would like her to be thinner (In these cases that he likes or Disagree of she is enlarged, exaggerated, greater, or more than it is in reality).
- If we dream of a friend or relative who has already left this world, but we see him as an older person than he had the last time we saw him in life (In this world), it means that he has visited us in dreams to Give us some advice, which is related to the meaning of the other things we see in the dream, while trying to say that we trust in his message because he can see things that we do not.

- The dreams that we have in the morning, and preferably at dawn, are the best, and the ones that can help us the most, since God prefers to manifest at dawn.
- If we dream that the test season starts tomorrow, it tells us that we must attack decisively and safely immediately.
- If we dream that we are with the person we like and She(he) board the bus or some other type of passenger transport, but we do not accompany her(him) because we think that tomorrow we will see, it means that if we get a chance with that person, it is better that Let's stop that we are doing and do not miss the opportunity, since it could not be repeated.

Morning-after pill:
It represents something that ends or may end suddenly.

- If it is raw, it means suffering and disappointment.
- If the mortadella is cooked, it means happiness and good luck.

It represents the possibility of solving a long-standing problem.
- If in the dream we see ground garlic in the mortar, it means that we are managing to end old family discussions or that we are ending a problem related to one of our relatives (Something we always argued about or we always had problems with).

- To dream that we mortgaged something, it means that we are mismanaging our goods.
- Mortgaging property of another person, it means we have great ambition and desire for prosperity.

If in our dream we see mosaics, it means that a difficult and complicated situation is approaching.

This dream tells us that we will soon realize our wishes and hopes, and if we see an image of the Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) it means that our luck will be greater.
- If we see a mosque or sanctuary from afar and we do not approach, it means disappointment.
- If we see ourselves in a mosque talking to people, but without paying attention to what is said there, it means that we are being thoughtless in real life, and that we are likely to commit some imprudence.

- To dream about mosquitoes, is a warning to be careful with strangers who want to meddle in our affairs.
- If in our dream we see a black mosquito, it means that we have to be careful with unknown people and with those we do not know well enough, because they can cause us harm; it can also represent a person with whom we must be prudent since it could become a disease.

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To dream about moss represents corruption and hypocrisy.
Can also mean that we have anxiety about money or affective.
- If in our dream we see a river with moss, it means that there is a danger that we fall into the hands of corrupt and hypocritical people.

- If we dream that we live in a luxury motel, it reveals the desire for a more luxurious and brilliant life.
- If we dream that we live in a modest and deteriorated motel, it means conformism.
- If we see ourselves as administrators, it reflects the desire to have power over others or to manage them.
- Dreaming lost inside a motel, indicates that in real life we feel afraid of circumstances that deviate from those to which we are accustomed.

Moth (From: Greyish butterfly with narrow wings):
- If in the dream we see a moth, it means that we should avoid doing immoral or forbidden things. It can also mean pity and/or bad luck.
- But if we kill the moth or leave, it means that we will get rid of bad luck.

It is the symbol of life and death, on the one hand represents security and tenderness, and the other represents the repression and subjection.
If present in our dream, it is because there is something very important related to our current situation that causes us anxiety, which tells us that we must remain calm and analyze the situation well. In some cases, the dream may be related directly to her.
- Dreaming we ARGUED WITH OUR MOTHER means we want to become independent of she.
- If in the dream, our mother ASKED US TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH, but we refuse to do so, it is a tip that tells us to seek the cleanliness and order. But if we do not refuse to take out the trash, then it means that we do well and simply tell us to follow as well.
- If in the dream we BLAME AND HIT OUR MOTHER, tells us that we must avoid doing things that can lead to a difficult family situation.
- If in the dream we HEAR THAT OUR MOTHER CALL US means that we feel guilty about something, or that we miss.
- If in the dream we see our mother eating CHOCOLATE COOKIE means that someone is trying to have economic problems in our family.

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The mothership of an extra-terrestrial invasion represents a problem, which we must fight from its root.
- If we dream that we are fighting against an extra terrestrial invasion and that to win the battle we must destroy the mother ship of the extra terrestrial ones; it means that we have a problem that makes it difficult for us to adapt to our environment and which we want to root out, that if in the dream we destroy the mothership, it means that we will end the problem; but if we do not manage to destroy it, or the dream ends before we do it, it tells us that we should look for a better way to end the problem from its root.

by letter.

This dream augurs news or surprises.
In the negative side (when the dream is accompanied by things that have a negative meaning) means difficult relationships , whether with family or with someone we know , and in some cases it represents jealousy and disagreements.
- If we dream that our mother-in-law is ANGRY OR UPSET WITH US, represents an unpleasant surprise that probably has to do with our family relationships.

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- If we dream that someone wants to kill us for no motive, it means more or less the opposite, that is, that there is someone who does have a reason to want to harm us (not killing us, but doing us some minor damage), for example: Because we have offended in some way, for revenge, because we have discriminated against him, et cetera.

Motor/ Engine:
- If we have an ACCIDENT with an engine, it means problems and failure.
- If we dream that our car is MISSING PARTS of the engine, it means that recently someone stole a piece or someone could steal parts, for example: That if we take to repair our car with an unreliable mechanic, we run the danger of replacing some parts of the engine of our car for others that are already heavily used.

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Whether it is a motorcycle or a quad, this type of dreams usually are accompanied by various signs that help us better understand the message, the case is to see the meaning of each sign.

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- If in our dream, we are climbing a mountain, it means that we will succeed in our purposes.
- Dream it's night and we're looking towards a mountain, and then, when looking at her, we see that there is light at the top, means that a relative or friend who recently departed this world has reached Heaven.

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Mountain climber:
- To dream that we are mountain climber and that we manage to reach the top of a mountain, means success, but if we can not reach the top or fall, then it means that we will not achieve our goals.

Seeing in our dreams someone in mourning, warns us that there may be separation from someone we love, who can usually be a relative or couple. But if it is we who are mourning in the dream, it warns us of family concerns or that we will have to face difficult problems.

To dream of a mouse means that there is something that gnaws us inside.
- If we dream that many mice GET ON OUR BED or enter our room, it means that there is something that makes us very angry and that has to do with the affairs of the couple and/or love.

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Mouse (From a computer):
- If in our dream we simply see a mouse or see all the computer equipment, but the most notorious of the dream is precisely the mouse, it tells us that we have in our hands the control of the situation.
- If we dream that we are in front of the computer, and the room is dark but we see that we have a mouse with light, it tells us that we still have hope, in addition to having control of the situation in our hands.
- If we dream of a very expensive and good brand mouse, it means that if we make an effort and do things with quality, we will be able to control the situation.

Mouse pad:
- If in our dream we see a mouse on a wooden mouse pad, it means that we are going well and we have the situation controlled (That we are doing or planning to do, will bring us good luck).

Mousse for hair:
- If in our dream we see mousse for the hair it means that there are hypocritical people around us, which advises us to be prudent.

- If a woman dreams that her husband left mustache and actually it does not, there are suspicions that he's cheating.
- If we who see ourselves with a mustache are that there is something wrong with our lives.
- If we dream that we shave the mustache, indicates that the time has come to get honest.
- If we dream someone else has a mustache, when in real life it does not, it means that someone is hiding something.

This sign symbolizes the good and evil, creation and destruction. You can also interact with speech, whether it relates to the need to talk about something important, or having to do with gossip or with an issue that is better not to speak.

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- If we see in the movies, tell us we have misgivings or are being too timid.
- If we are directing a movie, it means that we are being too dominant.
- If we are filming, it means that sometimes we act with suspicion or distrust.

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Moving (Change of address):
This dream predicts a change in our lives.
- If we dream that our ex girl-friend/boy-friend/wife/husband is moving to a house of bad aspect, while we live in a good looking house, it means that she(he) has not gone well (That we have done better than her ( he)).

Ms, Mistress:
- If it is about naked and exciting ladies, it means sexual desires.
- If a man dreams of a lady, it means upcoming success.
-If a woman has this dream, it is usually interpreted as the revelation of her own personality.
- If a woman dreams of naked ladies, it means: The concern to like and be loved.

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