It is the symbol of life and death, on the one hand represents security and tenderness, and the other represents the repression and subjection.
If present in our dream, it is because there is something very important related to our current situation that causes us anxiety, which tells us that we must remain calm and analyze the situation well. In some cases, the dream may be related directly to her.

- Dreaming we ARGUED WITH OUR MOTHER means we want to become independent of she.

- If in the dream, our mother ASKED US TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH, but we refuse to do so, it is a tip that tells us to seek the cleanliness and order. But if we do not refuse to take out the trash, then it means that we do well and simply tell us to follow as well.

- If in the dream we BLAME AND HIT OUR MOTHER, tells us that we must avoid doing things that can lead to a difficult family situation.

- If in the dream we HEAR THAT OUR MOTHER CALL US means that we feel guilty about something, or that we miss.

- If in the dream we see our mother eating CHOCOLATE COOKIE means that someone is trying to have economic problems in our family.

- If in the dream JUST SEE OUR MOTHER CRYING means joy about her. But if in the dream has a negative context (I see something that has a bad meaning) tells us that may occur or unfortunate mishap, in which case we recommend getting a silver amulet, for example: A four-leaf clover silver, and be careful in what we do or think do.

- If in the dream, we see our mother DEAD means we want to become independent of it.

- If we dream that our mother FAINT OR SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS TO HER, and asked for help but no one comes to our aid, means that something related to our current situation is not going well and we have very little help.

If in the dream SEE OUR FATHER AND OUR MOTHER, means that we are safe and well protected or that we have your support.

- If we are FIGHTING WITH SHE, it means you want to be independent of it, or mature.

- If in the dream, our mother, we HELPS SWEEP means we can count on her to solve our problems.

- If we dream that our mother HITS EITHER WITH YOUR HANDS OR WITH AN OBJECT, because we did something wrong; represents a guilt complex, but it can also mean that our mother is trying to repress more than they should.

- If the dream is of INCEST means insecurity and fear. Also mean that she repressing us, too.

- If we dream that SOMEONE KILLER OUR MOTHER it means that something may end badly, and advises us analyze the situation well.

- Dreaming about our mother MAKES A WARNING means that something can go wrong, and it is something that is important.

- If RECENTLY DIED THE MOTHER OF A FRIEND, and in our dream, we see her asking us to care for your son, it means that this person is in limbo and concerned about their son. This dream advises us to pray for her, for example, can burn a stick of incense and say the following prayer: �Oh God / allows the Coyolnahual / guide the soul of my (father, mother, friend, uncle, grandfather, as applicable) / to you / I promise you / be true / and make your fasting /� The Coyolnahual is an angel among its functions is to bring the lost souls to Heaven.

- To dream that our mother GIVE SEIZURES means that something important related to our current situation is not good.

- If a single woman without children, dreams of being SINGLE MOM, this is a tip that tells you to be careful with which it relates and with the |sex, unless you want to end up in that situation.

- If a man dreams that he is SLEEPING IN THE BED OF YOUR MOM, means that he needed independence a little more of she, or that he must learn to not be so dependent on it, because otherwise can have many problems in the future.

- If a man dreams that he is SLEEPING IN THE BED OF YOUR MOM and suddenly see ENTER DEMONS OR MONSTERS by the bedroom door, it means that something is not right, and it is, because it is important to begin to become independent of his mother, because otherwise it will start to stall in your life, plus it is likely to come to have many problems.

- If we dream that our mother or someone we know, TAKE OUT OUR DOG, of our house, it means she (or the person who we know) trying to ward off one of our friends or our girlfriend(boyfrien), and says that in addition to the above, in the future it is best to avoid arguing with her, especially since not willing to change your mind, without import if she have the reason or not.

- If you dream that MOM OF A FRIEND IS OUR TEACHER tells us that we will have a little help to solve a difficult problem, but we must also do our part (pay more attention, work harder, study the situation, make our homework, etc.).

- If you dream that someone THROWS KNIVES to our mother, says that approach problems from someone who has ill feelings towards us or towards our mother.

- If we are TRAVELING WITH SHE means the desire to know certain keys of our lives that are in our infancy.

- Dreaming of A MOTHER WITH A CHILD, tells us that the dream is related to our mother, in this case is advisable to consult the meaning of the other things we see in the dream to understand the full message.

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