It represents health problems.

- To dream of an UNKNOWN CHILD crying, and to whom mucus flows through his nose, represents one of our enemies, who sometimes behaves immature, and has even gotten sick by the anger he does when he fails get away with it.

- If we dream that one of our CHILDREN (Son/Daughter) has mucus flowing through their nose and mouth, it means that we must take good care of their health and diet to prevent them from getting sick.

- If in our dream we see an OLD MAN/OLD WOMAN and we notice that mucus flows from the nose, it means that if we do not start acting with more prudence and wisdom, we will soon get sick (In the sense that we should avoid doing things that we know that they can make us sick).

- To dream that we get mucus and little SPIDERS from the nose, means that we must be cautious, since there are people who have ill will and that can cause us to get sick, for example: That they give us something to eat and that they can be in poor condition or contain some strange substance; that want to pass us a strong courage; that try to infect us with a venereal disease; or that they try to do something else dishonest to try to make us sick.

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