This sign symbolizes the good and evil, creation and destruction. You can also interact with speech, whether it relates to the need to talk about something important, or having to do with gossip or with an issue that is better not to speak.

- If we KISSED SOMEONE of the opposite sex, predicts: infidelity, at least that is our partner, because in this case means good fortune.

- If in our dream KISSED SOMEONE WE KNEW, of the same sex, then we see that BLEEDS MOUTH it means we feel affection for that person, and it is likely that soon we worried or suffer for their cause, for example: Because something happens bad, or because it makes us feel jealous.....

- If we are with BLOOD in our mouth, means that we should be more discreet and be careful what we say, or we'll get into trouble. And if we look at our GIRLFRIEND(BOYFRIEND) WITH BLOOD IN HER(HIS) MOUTH, it means that that person should be more careful with what you say about us or be more discreet about our relationship or can get into a lot of problems, for example: One of our family's assaults because of their indiscretion or by talking more.

- If we dream that we EMBED NAILS IN THE MOUTH means that there is a danger that we may have difficulties or someone attacks us because of our lack of discretion. This dream advises us to be careful what we say.

- If we STAY SILENT in the face of a person, means our rejection toward her(him).

- If we dream that a PERSON IS SILENT BEFORE US, it means that person is rejecting us.

- To dream that our mouth SMELLS BAD, it means that we are concerned for speaking ill of someone, this dream advises us to be more cautious. But in our dream we see someone we know and noticed that smelly mouth, means that person has been speaking ill of us.

- If we dream that SOMEONE STINKS MOUTH, augurs gossip.

- If we are TALKING means that we must have more communication with others.

- If you TRY TO SCREAM FOR SOMEONE TO SOCCOUR US, but we plugged the mouth (for example: Someone who wants to harm us, and we cover the mouth so they do not listen to us) tells us we need to stop talking bad about someone, or be careful with confidential information or that we get to have, in order to prevent things from getting out of our control.

- If our dream focuses on the mouth of a TOAD, is gossip and hearsay.

- If you dream that SOMEONE THROWS US WATER IN THE MOUTH it means that we should stop talking about more, or that we must change our attitude, a more discreet.

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