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Dreams: Mu-Mz

- If we dream that we are training or practicing Muai-Tai, it means that we must prepare ourselves for an important event.
- If we dream that we are fighting and we manage to win, it means that we will achieve success; but if we lose, it means failure.
- If we fight, but nobody wins, it means that the future is uncertain.
- If they hurt us, it means that we will suffer moral suffering.

The mud symbolizes impure and unfortunate circumstances. Sometimes is a danger to our reputation.
- If we walk in mud and we are AFRAID TO DIRTY indicates fear that our secrets are discovered.
- If we AVOID DIRTY WITH MUD means that we have avoided a difficult problem.

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- A muffin in good condition, and especially if it is well prepared, means good luck in the economic and if it is chocolate, it means that besides good luck in the economic, we will have happiness in the family. At least that this hard or old, since then, it means the opposite.

Muhammad (prophet well known in Muslim countries):
It represents one of the good prophets sent by God and that Muhammad taught the proper way to people and never said that was God, but God is the one who created everything and call it: Allah.
- Dreaming of Muhammad means that our problems will end soon. But if looks sad or angry, means that something not right, so we must analyze well our actions.

The pack animals reflect the person's animal.
- A strong and healthy mule is a symbol of wealth and success. But if it is weak or sick, it means economic losses.
- If we acquire a mule, increasing our means.
- A dead mule tells us we are in ruin.
- View multiple mules predicts problems with colleagues or subordinates.
- The violence against the mule are the insults we receive or do it ourselves.
- Being chased by a mule, it means: rebellion and treason.
- If the mule is loaded means success and good fortune.
- If we see loaded like a mule is that we are victims of our inferiority complex.
- If we mounted on mules, we are on track. As we intend to achieve.
- If red, passion and anger.
- White means joy and optimism.
- Gray, pessimism or treason.
- Black, misfortune.

Multiplication (x):
- If in our dream we accounts (Such as with: addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) on paper or in a notebook, says it is important to defend our interests.

Mumm-Ra (From: The cartoon character):
Dreaming of Mumm-Ra the immortal represents a malignant and very persistent enemy, who can also make us look ridiculous. That advises us, do not trust us and try harder than we had initially thought.

- Seeing a mummy in our dream tells us that some old issues that we had forgotten will soon reappear.
- To dream that some ARCHAEOLOGISTS are analyzing a mummy, means that there is something of our past that we must analyze in a better way, to avoid that an old problem resurfaces.

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- If in our dream we run over to a murderer, it means that we want someone who is very annoying stop messing in our affairs, but also tells us that there is a risk to commit excess at the time we do something to prevent that from continuing; in this case the dream advises us, try not to overdo too. But if the dream, also see how he rolls black blood to the murderer, means that there is the risk that a disaster happens in our cause; in the latter case the dream tells us that while it is right to defend ourselves, we must be very careful in the way we do.
- To dream that we kill a murderer or someone kills a murderer, it means that we want someone who is very annoying, stop messing in our affairs.
- If it is a serial murderer, represents a dangerous enemy, who is also very annoying and likes to humiliate and abuse others.
- To dream that we kill a serial murderer or someone kills a serial murderer, means that we want someone who is very annoying, stop messing in our affairs

To dream of gossip or murmurings means that we can be exposed to slander, gossip, bad intentions or misunderstandings.

To dream about murmurs, tells us that we may be exposed to gossip, slander, malicious or misunderstandings.

Muscle car:
If we dream that our car has a muscle car decal, it means that we should not abuse our strength or our attractiveness.

Muscle strain:
- If we dream that we suffered a muscle strain, means that we have suffered damage to our pride, but if you suffer from a torn leg, then it means that someone is trying to avoid that you do something.
- If a man dreams that he has suffered a tear in the penis means that he has suffered damage to their pride and their property. At least he dreams that are healing, as in this case, means the beginning of a new possibility to retrieve something he had lost.

This dream tells us that we have a good level of culture. In some cases it is related to an experience that we should not forget.
- A museum can also relate to things from our past, which can affect us in the present, depending on the meaning of the things we see in the museum.
- If we see ourselves in a large museum with ABUNDANT PIECES, it is a good sign that augurs luck in the economic and general welfare.

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Common mushrooms (not poisonous), represent problems and concerns.
- If we dream HUITLACOCHE (Corn fungus), means it is likely that we will have some difficulties to have a serious relationship with someone or with a certain type of person (by ideology, way of thinking...). It can also mean that things are not as good as they seem.
- If in the dream we see that fungi in the LANGUAGE, it means that we have been talking bad about someone or we said something we should not.

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It is a good sign related to the soul.
- If in our dream we LISTEN TO MUSIC OR WE SEE AS MUSICIANS, it means that we will have happiness and consideration.
- Dreaming of a MELODY THAT COMES FROM ANY PLACE, means desire to improve our situation or even to change our own life.

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by letter.

Musical group:
- If we dream we want to be part of a musical group, but they will not admit us, it means that there is someone we do not want to admit in our group (Group of friends, sports .....) But if we dream that we do not want admit someone in our band, then, it means they do not want to admit us in a certain group.

- If in our daytime life we do not practice that religion and we dream that a Muslim person or a religion different from ours, gives us some coins, represents someone with different customs, but who is a good person and can help us in a certain matter.

- Live, predict: Joy and good fortune.
- Dead, predict: Concerns or hopes frustrated.

- If in our dream the most notorious is the logo of a car mustang (Horse), tells us that we will have the courage to face difficult battles.
- If in our dream we see riding a horse of the Mustang race, it means success.

Mutant (From: The characters in the comics):
- If we dream of a hostile mutant, it represents a hypocritical and manipulative person who can become dangerous.

It means that we will have discomfort and problems that cause us anxiety.

- Dreaming that have a mutation or malformation, or that someone has it, means that there are aspects of our life which we developed with little attention.

This dream warns us of events that will be difficult to bear and painful.
- If we dream that someone we know is a witch/wizard and that we remain mute or that the witch/wizard does something to keep us mute, it means that the person we know is bad and does not let us have an opinion.

Mute (From: The option on the remote control to remove the sound):
It means that we are ignoring someone.

- If we are missing an arm or a hand, means disease.
- If we are not without a foot or a leg, and have no pain, means lack of courage and determination. And if the loss, hurts us, means we can not move forward with our goals.


It means nostalgia for happy memories.

This plant means the initiation to the spiritual and also symbolizes peace.

Myspace (The social network):
- If a child or a teenager dreams that his myspace or Facebook is stolen, it means that it is likely that soon, his parents will not let him use his myspace or face book because of his low report cards, although it can also be for another reason, depending of your current situation.

- If in our dream we see someone we know and we notice that he has a look of mystery, it means that we should not trust that person too much.

If in our dream we see a mystic, It means that the problems we may have will soon end, we must also pay attention to their expression, because if they are upset, they will be telling us that we are doing something wrong, and if they are happy, we They say that everything is fine.

If in dreams we see a mythological character, it will have the meaning it has in mythology, for example:
- If we dream of a god of wine, it will have the same meaning as wine, in this case, it means: Fecundity, and sometimes wealth.
- If we dream about Suti, the god of confusion, it means that we will go through a period of doubt and confusion.

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