It is a good sign related to the soul.

- If in our dream we LISTEN TO MUSIC OR WE SEE AS MUSICIANS, it means that we will have happiness and consideration.

- Dreaming of a MELODY THAT COMES FROM ANY PLACE, means desire to improve our situation or even to change our own life.

- Dreaming what we do: PLAY BACK, means that we must respect social norms more. But if we see someone else doing play back or trying to play back, it means that there is someone who is not respecting the rules.

- If in our dream we hear PROFANE OR MALIGNANT MUSIC, it means that someone is manipulating us or doing witchcraft.

- If in the dream we listen to music, but it is VERY UNPLEASANT, (For example: Some song or some kind of music that we hate), it means that our ideas may not be accepted with pleasure or that there is something that we are planning that will not be accepted with pleasure. That advises us to change our fitness or change those plans we have in mind.

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