Common mushrooms (not poisonous), represent problems and concerns.

- If we dream that our DESK (The one we commonly use to work/study) is infested with fungi, it means that in our school/work there are many hypocritical people who envy us and have ill will.

- If it is HALLUCINOGENIC mushrooms, it means that we will have some expensive pleasures that will bring us terrible consequences.

- If we dream HUITLACOCHE (Corn fungus), means it is likely that we will have some difficulties to have a serious relationship with someone or with a certain type of person (by ideology, way of thinking ...). It can also mean that things are not as good as they seem.

- If in the dream we see that fungi in the LANGUAGE, it means that we have been talking bad about someone or we said something we should not.

- If we dream that we are a PEDICURIST, and it happens that when she is fixing us toenails, tell him to be careful with our fungi, means that if we want others to recognize our merits, before we fix what is wrong.

- If we dream of POISONOUS mushrooms, it means betrayal, evil, lust, cruelty, etc. This meaning comes from an ancient legend that says that some demons can take the form of poisonous mushrooms, nettles, bats, shadows, etc.

- If we dream of mushrooms that SMELL BAD, it means that something is wrong and it is because of a wicked person.

- If in the dream we see SOMEONE WE LIKE, but we notice that he has fungus on his feet, it means that this person does not suit us as a girlfriend (boyfriend).

- If in the dream we see a STRANGE-looking fungus, it means that there is a danger, so we must analyze things.

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