This dream tells us that we have a good level of culture. In some cases it is related to an experience that we should not forget.

- A museum can also relate to things from our past, which can affect us in the present, depending on the meaning of the things we see in the museum.

- If we see ourselves in a large museum with ABUNDANT PIECES, it is a good sign that augurs luck in the economic and general welfare.

- To dream that we have to go to a museum but when it arrives it happens that the price of the entrance is very EXPENSIVE and the dream ends before we decide if we pay it or not, it means that we have the opportunity to learn very valuable things but it will be necessary that Let's try harder and let go of the laziness.

- If the museum is in BAD CONDITIONS, it means that we are being pessimistic.

- If in our dream we see a FOREIGNER IN A MUSEUM, this is related to a known person who is a foreigner or who seems foreigner, and the dream tells us that something related to the past and that person can affect us in the present , so you have to be prepared.

If we dream that we are visiting a museum and suddenly we have a PRESENTIMENT THAT OUR SON (or a small relative as a little brother, little cousin...) was lost, it means that we must remember our past experiences with him or with other children, since the same thing could happen again (For example, getting hurt or sick, so we must take all possible precautions to prevent certain accidents from happening again).

- To see RELIGIOUS objects in a museum means that we must not forget our good principles. Unless in the museum we see crucifixes, because then it means: confusion, in that case our dream advises us to seek the Truth about something important.

- See a SPIDER IN A MUSEUM, means that some time ago, we fell into a trap so we must find a way out of it. It can also mean that in the past we fell into a trap and in the present we are falling into a very similar one.

- To dream of a TECHNOLOGICAL museum or a museum in which we see things of technology, means that using technology, can bring us good fortune in our business or affairs.

- To dream of a museum of TRAINS, represents the paths that we have taken along our life or those that we could reach at some point. This dream tells us that we should analyze our life.

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