The mud symbolizes impure and unfortunate circumstances. Sometimes is a danger to our reputation.

- If we walk in mud and we are AFRAID TO DIRTY, indicates fear that our secrets are discovered.

- If we AVOID DIRTY WITH MUD means that we have avoided a difficult problem.

- If we dream we walk on mud, BAREFOOT means it is likely to come to harm our reputation, plus there is a risk that we come to see subject to the other.

- If we spotted with mud but then we CLEAN, means that we have gotten away from a difficult problem.

- If we dream about DIARRHEA that looks like mud, it means that if we start to waste money we will not only damage our economy, but also our reputation.

- If we see someone we know FALLING IN MUDDY WATER means your reputation is endangered.

- If we dream we HIDE SOMEWHERE MUDDY means insecurity means because that we think that something may be immoral or prohibited. What may be justified or not but either way it is important to analyze the situation well.

- If in our dream we see MUDDY WATER simply represents a danger to our reputation.

- If in the dream we see a POLICE REMOVING MUD sewer with a shovel, tells us that we must be careful with someone who wants to do us harm, and to try to do that we have problems, and he tried to invent gossip.

- If we SPOTTED WITH MUD OR FALL IN IT mean that we will face a difficult problem. And if I see someone known stained with mud or fall in it mean that person known will face a difficult problem.

- If we SPOTTED US BUT THEN WE CLEAN MUD, it means that we got rid of a difficult problem.

- To dream that our car is with the TIRES BURIED IN THE MUD, means that we are stuck or in a difficult situation because of the gossip of a certain person.

- If you dream that WALK ON MUD and it is very difficult, the dream tells us that we are being too timid.

- If we dream of WHITE MUD, it means that our reputation is in danger and it is because of a hypocritical person, although it may also be because of a reckless person who sometimes talks about more (In the sense that someone could make us look bad, But not because he has bad will, but because of his lack of prudence).

- If we dream that we are walking with our WIFE(HUSBAND) AND SOON WE SPLASHED MUD means we take care of our reputation and avoid misunderstandings so that our relationship is not affected fence.

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