The mountains in our dream represent the path to success.

- If in our dream, we are CLIMBING a mountain, it means that we will succeed in our purposes.

If we do not manage to reach the top, or we FALL, it means that we will not achieve our purposes, due to our lack of character and conviction.

- To dream of a FELLED/BURNT mountain, means that a very difficult time is approaching, which advises us to review our current life and our aptitude, in order to avoid difficulties.

- To dream that it is night and that we are looking towards a mountain, and then, when we look towards it, we see that there is LIGHT ON THE HIGH, it means that a family member/friend who recently left this world has already arrived in Heaven.

- Seeing a TEMPLE ON THE TOP of a mountain augurs that good things will come and that we will have Divine help.


Mountain climber:
- To dream that we are mountain climber and that we manage to reach the top of a mountain, means success, but if we can not reach the top or fall, then it means that we will not achieve our goals.

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