The moon represents the cycles of life, but can also mean the announcement that something good is about to happen; it can be a love or a project.
It also relates to all feminine things and fertile, especially with love and romance. The phases of the moon will indicate the degree of evolution than forecast.

-- If in our dream we see a BUILDING and above it, we see a moon, it means we can move forward with our projects, since there is no danger or risk.


-- To dream about a very DARK NIGHT but then we look up and see the moon, means that despite what it may seem we are safe from the dangers that can actually arise.

-- If we dream that the moon begins to DARKEN OR SOMETHING COVERS, warns us that danger is approaching.

-- A moon ECLIPSE indicates love problems that can come to a complete rupture. It may also mean that there is a danger that happens unfortunately.

-- To dream that a friend or family member, WHO HAS LEFT THIS WORLD, says to us that he is going to go to the moon and no negative things in the dream, it means that he(she) has completed his cycle in this world but he(she) will live in Heaven (That cycle in this world ended, but his(her) essence, his(her)soul still living and also in a better place).

-- Dreaming of a LANDSCAPE MOONLIT indicates love and romance.

-- If we see, MANY MOONS IN ALL THEIR PHASES at dawn, means that a new cycle or a new stage in our life, it is approaches.

-- If in the dream we see NINE MOONS the dream tell us that something good is about to happen, and is related to love and or motherhood.


-- If in our dream we see the moon REFLECTED IN A LAKE means we will have good fortune.

-- If in our dream we see MOON AND SHOOTING STARS means we have good luck in love or something we've been wanting.

-- The moon SURROUNDED BY AN AURA portends penalties.

-- If we dream of TWO FULL MOONS, it means to be well protected from any disappointment, we will defend our interests may seem that we are evil or too severe.

-- If in our dream is dawning and in the sky we see MOON AND VENUS (The star to see in the sunrise and sunset, and is seen next to the moon), it means that our worries are over and augurs the beginning of something good.

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