The monsters in our dream, in most cases represent perversion, that is, the dream tells us that we are letting ourselves be carried away by evil. But if the monster terrifies us, then it tells us that we are still tied to childish fears and/or guilt complexes.

- If we dream that we are CHASED by a monster, it means that someone wants to make us feel guilty.

- If a CHILD UNDER 5 YEARS OLD DREAMS OF A MONSTER reflects a childish fear, or something that scared him recently.

- If we dream that we see a MONSTER IN THE CLOSET, it means excessive sexual repression. It can also mean identity conflicts.

- If we dream that we are in a COMPETITION, but in the end a monster wins, it means that although we have rivals, our biggest problem is our childhood fears.

- The CONCILIATORY AND FRIENDLY monster reveals our tendency or our desire to reduce the guilt of our faults.

-A MONSTER DOG, represents an aggressive dog that is capable of biting someone when he is angry. And if in our daytime life we have a dog that recently bit someone, and we dream of a monster dog, especially if it has thorns coming out of some part of its body, it means that it is very likely that soon we will have problems due to because of his bad behavior.

  • If in our daytime life we have a dog that recently bit someone, and in our dream we see a STUFFED MONSTER DOG, it tells us that soon we will get rid of the difficulties caused by the bad behavior of our dog; for example: That our parents got rid of it, but that in the end our dog returned home, or that there was a danger that they would sue us because our dog bit someone, but in the end they did not sue us.
    In this case and in the previous one, the dream advises us to do something to prevent our dog from continuing to behave badly, for example: Dogs do not understand our language, especially simple things like their own name or knowing that we are angry when we raise our voices, then we can scold him in a loud voice at the exact moment we see him behaving badly and in this way he understands that what he is doing is not right; Another way is to look at the dog for a minute or two (even if we don't look it directly in the eyes) and imagine, that is, have the image in our mind, of ourselves punishing it energetically or abandoning it, when it misbehaves at the same time. while we try to convey that image to you; This last technique has to do a bit with telepathy (which is even scientifically proven), and if we do it well, without hesitation or distraction, it can work well.

- If we FLEE FROM HIM, it means that we will get rid of our fears and complexes.

- If we dream of a GANGMAN WHO TURNS INTO A MONSTER, it represents a terrible enemy that we can only defeat with courage and determination.

    a) If we dream of a gangster who turns into a monster and kills us, it means that something could end very badly because of our lack of courage and determination to face the enemy.

    b) If we dream of a gangster who turns into a monster, but we entrust ourselves to God, and he walks away, he tells us that everything will be fine despite what may arise.

- If we dream that a monster KIDNAPS us, it represents bad luck because of a childish fear or a guilt complex, for example: When someone tries to make us feel guilty, in order to take advantage of us in some way.

- KILLING A MONSTER tells us that we will be able to defeat an enemy.

- If it is a LYCANTHROPE, it augurs problems in our activities because of a treacherous and dishonest person.

- If in our dream we see a monster, which causes us a lot of fear, but a NACO (A VULGAR PERSON) is also present, it means that we are afraid of what others may think or of the criticisms that may arise in against us

- If we dream that from our window we see that a monster LOOKS OUT FROM THE WINDOW OF THE NEIGHBOR'S BATHROOM, it means that there is something we are doing wrong, and it is related to our neighbor or to gossip for which he can reach there are arguments/problems.

- If in our dream we see a MONSTER WITH A PIRATE HAT and it terrifies us, it means that we must put aside our guilt complexes and make sure that everything goes as it should, and distrust those who insist on being our friends.

- If we dream that we hear RUMORS ABOUT SOME MONSTERS, it means that we are getting carried away by evil, which can also cause someone to slander us.

- If in our dream we see a SEA MONSTER (marine reptile), it means that we are resisting a change. But if, in addition, what we remember most about the dream is that it was black and white, it means that we are being too puritanical and we resist seeing reality as it is, for example: Sometimes we have to do something bad to avoid a bad situation. much worse.

- If the monster is TEMPTING it reflects mistrust in ourselves and fear of our weaknesses.

- If we dream that someone we know TURNS INTO A MONSTER, it means that he/she is not a trustworthy person.

- If we dream that we travel in the UNDERGROUND SUBWAY but suddenly it stops because of some monsters, it means that soon we will have to face something unpleasant or evil, but at the same time the dream tells us that we must face it safely and decisively in order to defeat it and get over it.

- If in our dream we see a WOODEN MONSTER or as if it were made of a trunk, it tells us that there is someone who is trying to harm us or someone close to us through witchcraft.

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