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Dreams: Tr-Tz

- If we dream that we are following someone we like (Someone we like in our daytime life) but suddenly we lose the trace, it means that person is moving away from us.

It tells us that we need to show more personality and confidence in ourselves.

- If we dream that we are fighting against an unknown opponent and suddenly we hit in the trachea and overcome, means that we able to defeat an opponent in fulminant form (overcome completely and easily).

Represents the path of life, if you travel with another or others , are those who are close to us , whether that or those people got off the tractor, means to stay away from us, if someone rises means that person can be close to us in the future , unless later in the dream all the tractor go down , then it means that everyone took different paths. Sometimes it relates to our work, for example: If we dream we have a very good tractor, means good luck in our work or our work projects.
- IF we DRIVE, it means that we have control of our lives, if instead someone else is driving is because, we donít have full control of our lives or we are strongly influenced by others. It may also happen that we see a child driving, reflecting lack of maturity in us.

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It means that it is important to defend our interests putting aside our fears.

- It means it's important not to forget the customs and habits of people (Such as habits and religious customs, social, work, or somewhere in particular) because otherwise we may have some difficulties.

- It means that some difficulties arise.

Traffic light:
If in our dream we see a traffic light and the light is green, it means that all is well and that we move forward with our plans. But if we see the red light, it is a warning, which is related to our plans, so that tells us to stop and analyze the situation very well, before we go or we can come to see us in serious trouble.

Traffic ticket:
This dream augurs us difficulties with judicial authorities.

- Dreaming a tragedy happens to us, it portends bad luck.
- To dream that someone we do not know, it happens a disgrace indicates that will overcome the difficulties.
- If we dream that we are seeing a newscast on television, and suddenly get the news that someone close to us a tragedy happened, it means that there is a danger of something bad happening.
- If in the dream we escaped a tragedy, means that our well do deliver us out of a difficult situation. But if we see a relative or friend escape a tragedy, then, means that person got rid of a difficult situation, thanks to us.

Trailer, truck:
- If it is a truck trailer and we dream that we carry load on it, it means interesting financial promises. But if we dream that someone throws our load, it means sorrows and worries.

Represents changes in our lives, with the help of whom we know.
- UP OR BE IN an empty train, means that we are too timid.
- If you GET TO THE TRAIN, but before uploading, you see that drop passengers, means there will be life changing, but not definitive.
- IF YOU GO ON A TRAIN AND THEN YOU COME TO A STATION, means the conclusion of one stage of life and stabilization of the situation. BUT IS LOW, AND THERE WAITING TO STATE TRANSPORTATION, mean successive changes in your life, or the end of an era and the beginning of another.
- If you WAIT IN A TRAIN STATION AND THEN YOU RUN OVER AND DIE (especially if it's a train), means you have no faith in your religious beliefs, but if they SAVE THAT YOU TRAIN Arroyo, means that if have faith in your religious beliefs and at last have found the Truth.
- If you look at a TRAIN STATION AND WATCH TWO-WAY, that is, the trains coming and those that are, representing good and evil. And I said that sometimes you have to be firm in your determination to make it appear that despite these being bad.
- If you climb on the bandwagon and is full of people, means you need to relate more with others.
- If in the dream, ONLY SEE A TRAIN, means that soon you will have a proposition that could change your life, so please carefully consider whether to accept it.
- If you dream you're on a train, but STOPS BECAUSE THERE IS A LOCK FORWARD, then you have to face an obstacle, at the same time tells you to confront with confidence and determination to overcome.

- Dreaming train or receive training, means that we must prepare for an important event.
- If in our dream we try to resist a workout, it is a tip that tells us that we must find ways to manage ourselves better, such as better organize our work and duties, in order to make things better.

- To dream that we ARE A TRAMP and that the dream fence accompanied by feelings of happiness or liberation, means that we abandon our way of life, or someone. But if the feelings that accompany our dream are sad, it means that we fear the future, which does not look very promising.
- If in our dream we see a CHILD TRAMP represents someone who in the past suffered damage from a scammer, abuser, thief, cheat, or etc, and tries to take revenge on anyone, (for example: Someone have been scammed several times, and for that reason, try to get revenge by cheating other people, especially those to which he envies), which advises us to be careful with that person.
- Dreaming of a ONE-ARM TRAMP, tells us to act with more firmness and determination, or otherwise we may end up broke.
- If a man dreams of a tramp-PROSTITUTE, represent a girl-friend who did not really love, and only want he for interest.
- If in our dream just SEE A TRAMP, tells us that if we want to improve our situation, we must act with more firmness and determination.

- To dream that we are in trance means that there is a risk that someone submit us or manipulate us because of our lack of character.

- If in our dream we are transfer (to another transport), means successive changes in our life or the end of a phase and the beginning of another.

- Dreaming that an ANGEL OR A GOOD BEING BECOMES IN A DEMON means that our thinking is changing for the worse. But if we dream that a demon becomes in an angel or a good Being then, means that our thinking is changing for the better.
- If we dream that WE TRANSFORM IN AN ANIMAL, (As long as it is not an eagle, feathered serpent, or macaw) the dream tells us we're becoming less civilized or we're starting to experience a lack of limits . It can also mean: Repressed sexual impulses, in which case the dream has therefore advised to stop repressing, since otherwise we get into trouble or even lose self-control.
- If we see, CLOUDS BECOME IN ANOTHER THING means that our way of seeing things in terms of religion, is changing.
- If in our dream we see a person that we KNOW WHO BECOMES IN A DOLL, means that people will try to end the friendship we have with that someone, what causes us concern. This dream advises us to ignore hearsay or gossip.

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- If in our dream we see a transformer or robot that transforms into a vehicle, tells us there is something we must decipher. But if it is a bad transformer (decepticon) then represents a hypocritical and false person, for example, someone who tries to make us believe that it is our friend, when in fact it is our enemy.
- Dreaming of a war between transformers and decepticons tells us that we will soon have to fight someone who is pretending to be our friend.

Transfusion, blood:
- If we dream that took part in a blood transfusion, it means that we are able to support those who need us.
- If we see that someone would do a blood transfusion or received a blood transfusion, means that we are going through a difficult situation or will soon see us facing, but make it out of the problem by someone influential and devoted.

by letter.

-- If we dream that transgress the law, means the following:
• If we who transgress the law, indicates that in real life we feel guilty of having committed an injustice.
• If someone else transgresses the law, predicts scandal and disgrace.

It means that some events will help us to understand our situation, so we can succeed in our projects.

- If we see a spring with clean and clear water near a mountain means that our difficulties or health problems will end.
- If in our dream we see a transparent door, tells us that we have special skills or parapsychological or to we are beginning to develop parapsychological abilities, which can be very useful.

- To dream that we are transsexual, reflects personality conflicts, if repeated constantly, the dream we advised to seek medical help and spiritual.
- If we dream of someone we know and what we see as a transsexual, it means that person has personality conflicts. In some cases, we say that person is false and hypocritical, so in that case, we advised to be careful with it.
- If in our dream we see a woman, but then we realize that it is actually a transsexual; represents a hypocritical and false person, that try to impersonate someone who is not, for example, someone who appears to be the victim when actually is the opposites, or someone pretending to be our friend, to mention a few cases.
- If in our dream we see a transsexual, dressed in red, tells us that we have an hypocrite and a liar enemy who knows how to pretend to be the victim, and after spreading gossip or hearsay. What we are advised to be prepared to face.
- If in our dream we see a policewoman, but then we realize that is a transsexual, represents someone who is pretending to be the victim and try to make us look guilty or make us feel guilty.

- To dream about a trap, says that approach difficulties, whose consequences we will suffer if the trap has been lying to us.
- If we dream that we cheat, means that we must respect social norms more.

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- If we dream that we travel together with who we like and that we are also accompanied by their parents, it means that we also like them and it is also a serious person, that is, someone who is loyal and responsible.
- If we dream that we are going to travel, but in the end we do not go, because of our father (Because he preferred to go somewhere else, because in the end he changed his opinion, etc.), it means that there are things that we should not do, because it would be too much irresponsible (For example: skive off, in the case that we are students). In this dream, it is as if our responsible party does not want us to go to a certain place.

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Travel agency:
- This dream tells us that there is a possibility of a change in our situation and work.

- To dream of a tray means we have at our disposal, what we want, especially if it is a silver tray.
- If we see a tray with a number six tells us that we reach what we want, however, there is the risk of having difficulties for it, for example: Because of dishonest or envious people, who try to steal something or attack us somehow.

- If in our dream we CLIMBED A TREE, means that we will succeed in our projects, if we fall on: Otherwise, if we see it cut, warns of potential dangers in our projects, whether this deterioration is that we should pay more attention to what we do, if lush is that all is well.

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Tree branch:
It means happiness in our family, unless it is a dry branch, since then, it means the opposite.

Trench coat:
- If in our dream we see a man wearing a black trench coat and carrying a sword in his hand, means we have a dangerous enemy; but if we leave, means we will win.

If in our dream we see ourselves in a trial, whether as lawyers, defendants, Judge or court personnel, it means that in reality, we are accusing or defending ourselves.

- If we dream that make us a tribute, it means that we are appreciated in our environment.

If we dream we are trying to shoot a defenseless person, but to us engages the trigger, means that we are trying to harm someone but canít achieve it.

Means useless expenditure

- If in our dream we are doing a field trip, it means that we have peace in the spiritual or we have found inner peace.
- If we are making a trip to a mountain, it means to approaches success and joy after winning overcome some difficulties.

- Dreaming of GOOD TROLL, means good luck in love.
- Dreaming of a BAD TROLL, it means that you care how you behave, to avoid bad reviews.
- If you dream that SOMEONE YOU KNOW IS A BAD TROLL, it means that some people are making snide comments about that person, which advises us to ignore gossip.
- To dream that our HOUSE IS INVADES BY TROLLS, you say, you do not know how to treat some people suggest you simply look the way you behave, in order to avoid bad reviews.

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- See a trophy in our dream, it means that in our environment the people appreciate us, and augurs good fortune. But if we dream that we get a trophy for winning a tournament of Kung-Fu or any other martial art, means that we will succeed.

It is a good sign related to the soul.
If in our dream we heard a troubadour or we are a troubadour, means we will have happiness and consideration.

Trowel, finishing:
To dream about this tool means that we want to dedicate more time to our hobbies, or conclude a work that we have pending.

- The APPEARANCE of the vehicle, as others see us.
- If we are DRIVING THE TRUCK ALONE, means that we desire for independence.
- If we dream that SOMEONE IS DRIVING AND FALLOS TO A SWEEP, it means that someone was ruined, but if we dream in a truck and we hit someone, and therefore falls into a ravine, it means that someone is ruining our cause.
- If we LOAD IN THE TRUCK, means financial promises interesting.
- If we see OTHER PEOPLE PULLING OUR LOAD, it means worries and sorrows.

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Truck, Armored:
In most cases, is related to our possessions.
- If in our dream we see an armored truck open and full of bills, means money difficulties.
- If in our dream we see an armored tightly closed, and we know that carries coins, gold, silver, or something valuable, but as long as they are not bills, means that our insider and our goods are well protected.

Truck, Fire:
- To dream about a fire truck, means that approach some difficulties.

Truck, Mix:
- If we dream, we drive a mix truck, the dream tells us that soon we will carry out a major project in addition to preparing the future in good condition.

Here we see a mixer truck.

Truck, Tanker:
A tanker truck filled represents prosperity. But if we see it empty, is lacking.

To dream about we say something is true or someone says something is true, it means we will have good luck and sincere friendships.

Trunk car:
- If in our dream we see a corpse wrapped and bloody, inside the trunk car, (Especially if it is a nightmare) means that we need a change in our life, whether economically, family, work, business or work.
- If we dream that we have sex inside the trunk car with someone of the opposite sex, it means that our suitor no longer likes us as a girlfriend(boyfriend) and we want a change.

This dream tells us that there is a possibility of something. In this case the meaning of the other things we see in dreams can give us more details.
- If in our dream we try to throw something in the trash, but we do not succeed or the dream ends before we do, and as long as the thing we tried to throw, have a good meaning. It tells us that in the future we must be careful not to act unconscious.
- To dream that we try to turn on a radio or any domestic electro and does not work, it means we are likely to get into difficulties.

Try on clothes:
- If we dream that we try on clothes in a boutique or in a clothing store, it means and likely change of situation.

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If in our dream we see that a tsunami is approaching, it means that disaster is approaching in our life, which advises us to be cautious and not to be carried away by our instincts, especially in important matters, in order to avoid disaster.


- If we dream that someone tells us: Do not let us cut our hair on Tuesday or Friday (and in the dream we think it is because those days are used by some people to do witchcraft), it means that we must be careful to, not to provide the data about our friends or relatives, unreliable people, because they could use them with a bad purpose.

- If we dream that we are in the cinema and on the screen or in the film we see a radio tuner, it means that it is time to start acting, but it is also important that we find a way to tune in (Look for ideas and common purposes) with others or with something.

- To dream about a Tupperware filled with a clear LIQUID means joy, but if the liquid is cloudy, means unpleasant incidents.
- If the tupperware is BROKEN, means discussions.
- If it CONTAINS IS NORMAL, then it means that we have the situation under control.
- If it CONTAINS NO COMMON or logic tells us that we may have difficulties soon. In this case we can help find the meaning of the things we see in the Tupperware, since the difficulties that we have come to relate to it.
- If the Tupperware is EMPTY means sorrow.

It is a sign that warns us to be good fortune, especially in the family.

Turn off:
- If we dream that turned out the light of a lamp announces difficulties.
- If we turn off a candle, it means difficulties and problems.
- If it is a fire, it means that our concerns will cease.
- If we dream that quench our thirst, announced successes and achievements.

Turn on:
- If in the dream we see that the light is turned on, it means that we will soon acquire important knowledge or that we will discover something that remained hidden.
- To dream that we try to turn on a radio or any appliance and it does not work, it augurs us difficulties.

Turn signal light:
- If in our dream just see a car or vehicle, and noticed that the turn signal light pointing right, tells us that we are doing well, but if the turn signal light pointing to the left, it means that we must correct the way.
- To dream that our car will not serve the turn signals, it means that we do not know which way to go in our lives. But if we see someone we know in his car and noticed that the turn signals do not work, then, it means that person does not know where to direct your life.

Turn ticket:
- To dream of a turn ticket, it means that our projects take longer.

To dream about turnips, means that we are behaving as mediocre, so we recommend changing fitness and work harder at what we do.

A tortoise in our sleep is associated with longevity, protection, serenity, or delay, depending on how we see it.
- To dream about a BIG AND VIGOROUS TURTLE means protection and longevity.
- If in our dream a turtle BITES us it means that our defenses are not the most appropriate.

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TV series:
- If we see ourselves DIRECTING A SERIES, it means that we have a tendency to try to dominate others.
- If in the dream WE WATCH A TV SERIES, it means shyness and distrust, and on some occasions, it means that something of what happens in the series is related or similar to our current situation, for example: That something of that happened to a certain character in the series is happening to us or may happen to us.

Tweezers for hair:
- If in our dream we see tweezers for hair removal and cotton, it means that there is a delicate issue that we must handle with great prudence.

- If in our dream we see several birds collecting twigs (Like when they collect twigs to make their nest), it means that if we help build something good (For example: Giving a donation for the construction of a new temple of a good religion, or avoid voting for a political party that has approved or wants to approve abortion) can help us get out of trouble and find the right path. The case is to cooperate on something good even if it is with little.

The twins represent the cosmic wisdom.

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The twists and things that twirl are generally associated with a change (It suggests that things can give a positive or negative direction, depending on the context of the dream and the meaning of the other things we see in the dream).
- If in our dream we see things twirl while rising, it tells us that our issues can put a positive spin.
- If in our dream we see things that rotate while falling, it tells us that our affairs may take a negative turn.

- If a child or an adolescent dream, someone will steal your twiter, means it is likely that soon, her parents will not let him use his twiter because of low grades, but can also be another cause, depending on your current situation.

- If we dream that we are typing, it augurs us official news that can disturb us, and if we can distinguish that we write, it means that the official news is related to that it says.
- If a mom or dad dreams that their child's head becomes a typewriter, it means that their child wants to be able to express certain things, so it is important for the dreamer to be prepared to understand Your child's ideas, so that the parent can find a mid-point between his way of thinking and the way of your child's thinking, especially if your child is entering adolescence.

This dream augurs official news that may disturb.

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