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Dreams: Te,Th,Ti

It means that in order to solve a sore point we should be polite and diplomatic.

- If in our dream we are teaching, means that our advices are sought by people close to us.
- If in our dream we are receiving an education, means that we must act more decisively, or have to face many difficulties.

This sign, most of the time tells us that we need to study and prepare more, or we are in need of good advice.
- If in our dream we see AS TEACHERS, means that we have desires of superiority.
- If we dream that we ASK AN EXPLANATION to our teacher and he(she) ignore us means we feel, we lack more knowledge and experience. In these cases we may be helpful to seek help from someone with more experience and knowledge that can guide us; it may also be necessary, improve our strategies and study methods.
- If you dream that we speak with a teacher and he or she dies as we do, then there is something that can end badly, since we have little support and few resources (in this case the dream advises us to seek help from our angels guardian).
But if we see that when the teacher dies, his soul leaves your body and starts talking to us, it means that, although apparently we have little support and few resources, our guardian angels guide us and advise which can lead us to achieve the final victory. (In the latter case the dream advises us, not fail to trust in our guardian angels and keep trusting the messages we receive in our dreams).
- If we dream that a teacher gives us a KISS, tells us that we are doing well; it can also mean that the study and endeavor will bring good fortune. But if the teacher gives a kiss on the forehead, then it means the following:
- If we dream that a teacher gives a KISS ON THE FOREHEAD, it means we're doing well, thanks to our efforts and courage.

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- If we dream that we play on a team, the dream tells us that our success depends on our wisdom and sacrifice.
- If our team or the team that we support, win, it means that in real life we also win.
- If we dream that our favorite team manages to win the championship, but that nobody cares, it means that if we succeed (and it is very likely that we achieve), everybody cared, either because they want to support us, because they have envied us, because they want us to sabotage, etc., but the point is that we will not pass unnoticed, so we must be prudent and be prepared for anything.
- If our team or the team we support, we fail to win, meaning a likely failure.
- If in our dream we are observing a football game or any other sports and we see one of the players of our favorite team, shot and bleeding, it means that our adversaries can cause us harm. This advises us to be cautious.

- If we tear the clothes of someone, it means that person will suffer reputational.
- If we tear documents or papers predicts oblivion and forgiveness of fouls committed.

Tear down/ Demolish:
- What shot down in our dream is what disappears from our lives. The name of it down will tell us the loss.
- If in our dream we see a house torn down, but as long as it is not where we live, means that we get rid of a problem.

Tear, muscle:
- If we dream that we suffered a muscle strain, means that we have suffered damage to our pride, but if you suffer from a torn leg, then it means that someone is trying to avoid that you do something.
- If a man dreams that he has suffered a tear in the penis means that he has suffered damage to their pride and their property. At least he dreams that are healing, as in this case, means the beginning of a new possibility to retrieve something he had lost.

(Drop of water from eyes) See “Cry”

- If dreams are victims of ridicule, means that someone would take advantage of us.
- Dreaming that we ridicule someone, it means that a person who feels, that we are taking advantage of he(she). What advises us to be more considerate of others.

- Dreaming with advanced technologies, means we will have good luck in our projects.
- If this is a tool for scientific research, it means that to be successful, we must analyze the situation, experience, watch, and be more creative.

- Dreaming about teen, means that we have some very difficult to achieve. It can also mean trying to find a couple too idealized, or perfect, which is impossible to find.
- If we see as teenagers when they are not, can mean immaturity.

Teeth can have several meanings depending on the context of the dream or what happens to them, and among the most common dreams is the dream that we lose the teeth, in which case the dream tells of a likely failure-humiliating ( in the case of women, in addition to above could also represent, fear of old age or fear of a difficult delivery, depending on your current situation), even if in our waking life we have a damaged tooth can be a reflection of our fear of losing another tooth. But if we dream that we break a tooth, then it represents a danger.
- If in the dream we went to the dentist and we place a amalgam/resin means that there is a danger that something ends (Dating, friendship, marriage, business, etc.)
But if we dream the dentist puts us amalgamation and is misplaced, tells us to watch what we tolerate, ie we should not accept what we know is not good, as there is a risk that something can be done as: A dating, friendship, marriage, business, etc.

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This dream augurs news, whose solution, needed an immediate and efficient attention.

Telepathic dreams:
This type of sleep happens since we share a feeling or a concern with someone and when both have been thinking about it what happens is called a telepathic dream as the name says is a type of telepathy in which the thoughts of two people bind to and come to share the same dream is similar to communicate via a videophone, since the brain may transmit some kind of waves similar to those of a radio transmitter through a gland to we have in our brain.

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If we use the telephone, the message is related to love, but if anyone else who uses the phone, it is a notice on a timely and important issue. You may also be related to communication with those around us, including ourselves

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Telephone booth:
It tells us that we run the risk of our intentions being used against us.

- If we are no longer children and we dream of a teltubbie means that if we do not begin to act with maturity, we will face many difficulties.

In most cases represents a danger, as when we see it off (if is bigger, higher the risk) or if we see something in it that has a negative meaning. In some cases it represents shyness and diffidence, as if in sleep we are just watching TV.
- If we are DIRECTING A TV SERIES means we have a tendency to try to dominate others.
- If we are FILMING A SERIES means that sometimes we act with suspicion or resentment.

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Television table:
- If in our dream we see the table or furniture for TV, as if the image only let see the table but no higher where the TV is, it means shyness and distrust, unless we see it in bad conditions, since then it tells us that there is a danger. But if in it we see a doll (of the opposite sex) with some characteristic that reminds us of someone we like, it means that we are being shy towards that person, although if we also see the doll on the left side of the table, it means that person is bad or bad habits, but if we see her/him on the right side, then, it means that she/he is a good person.

- If in the dreams we see our tenant (whether ourselves have a tenant or to dream that we have a tenant) EATING AVOCADO, means we're ready for a commitment, whether dating or marriage; and also tells us that our likely future Bride or wife(husband) we appreciated.
- If in our waking life, we have a tenant or dream that we have a tenant, and in the dream we see the FECADE OF THE HOUSE occupied by our tenant is painted of pink COLOR means that we are ready for a commitment of dating.
And if we see it is painted pink and yellow (in case it is the dream of a man), says that he is ready for a commitment of dating, both emotionally and financially.

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by letter.

Tennis racket:
- If we dream that we are playing tennis and that our racket is broken, it means: Probable failure, but if we change it for a new one before the end of the dream and the tennis match, then, it means that we still have a chance to win.

It symbolizes: Avoidance and protection.
- If we dream inside the tent, it's a way to feel protected from the harsh outside world.
- If we are in front of the tent can not enter, means fear of the events or disappointment at failure did not expect.
- If the tent falls on us, it means that something bad may happen soon.
- If you dream of a tent on the beach, in the countryside, forest or on the mountain resting on the inside of the tent can also mean the need to relax, and evade our mind and spirit to escape the frenzy of everyday life.

Terminally ill:
To dream that we are terminally ill, it means we think that a certain topic, this finish or we can´t longer continue with something, for example: A relationship, society, business, affair, and so on.

- To dream that terrifies us the echo, means we have to fear a repeat of something bad that happened to us in the past. It can also be a warning to be cautious and analyze the situation, in order to avoid a repeat something bad that happened in the past.

To dream that we are victims of a terrorist attack, means that there is someone who resents us. But if we dream that we are saved from a terrorist attack, then it means that we are saved from someone's bad intentions. r

See: "Exam".

- If we dream that someone we know gets a medical exam and they say they don't have AIDS, it means they have a venereal disease.
But if they tell him that if he has AIDS it means that he is healthy and does not suffer from any venereal disease.

Test, pregnancy:
- If a woman dreams that her mother requires her to have a pregnancy test, but she does not want to, because she also knows that she is not pregnant, it is a reflection of her fears related to motherhood and sexual issues.
- If a woman who has had sex recently, dreams of having a pregnancy test and is negative, it means the opposite, that is, if she is pregnant. But if she dreams that the test is positive, then it means she is not pregnant.

- If we dream that we mess with someone we like and there is nothing negative or problems in communication, it means that we also like it.


- If we have a dream and later have another dream in which we thank someone for their help, and that someone is a family member or friend who left this world, it means that she(he) has visited us in our dreams to give us an important message.
- If we follow the instructions to see a family member or friend who left this world in a dream, and dream that he(she) gives thanks, it means you've reached the Heaven and we've helped a bit, thanks our prayers.

It means that some of our ideas, can help us to improve our current situation.

A theater in our dream shows us situations or episodes of our waking life (can be both present and what may happen in the future), sometimes it looks a bit like our role in a case. For example: If we see ourselves as spectators, tells us that we are acting suspiciously or that we are being too timid, but if we act in a play or an opera, tells us how things will turn us.

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- If this is a medical thermometer, means that soon may surprise health problems, which forced us to rest.
- In the case of a weather thermometer, means that the temperature that marks us, is related to the evolution of our business, so that the more you lower the temperature, it means that our businesses are not going well, and if it is high, it means our business is good.

- If in our dream we see a very thick file, it means that judicial or administrative problems we may have, may be aggravated; which advises us not to act recklessly.

- If in our dream we see blood, but noticed it is quite thicker than normal, it means that we probably have ourselves or one of our family suffer physical injuries, for example: For a fight or an accident.
But if you have pets, then it means that it is very likely that our pets suffer physical injury by an accident or a fight.

- If we dream that thieves have or go through a secret entrance, means that one of our opponents has a good relationship with a band, corrupt officials, a cult or some other grouping of dishonest people.
- If we dream that a thief tries to get to our house to steal, but we hit them with a nun chucks and thus force him to leave, means that we will achieve prevent to someone rob us something important, thanks to our courage.
- If in our dream we see a thief, it means we fear someone stealing us something important.
- To dream that we are thieves, it means that we must be more honest to others.

- If we see ourselves without a leg and without a thigh, without being in pain, it means lack of determination and courage. And if the loss does not cause us pain, it means that we can´t go forward with our purposes.

To dream about a thimble predicts marital happiness and harmony.

Things that change shape:
- If we dream of things that change shape, it means that our way of seeing things is changing.
- If we see clouds transformed into something else, it means that our way of looking at things in terms of religion is changing.

Things that have happened to us (In the past):
- If in our dream we see a memory or something that happened to us in the past, it may mean that we are forgetting something important, then, the dream can show us something of the past or what happened in the past, they did not remember but it's important to account.
Sometimes you might remember something to our dream, it means that we must consider what happened on that occasion, that we not return to repeat the same mistake.
- If we dream of an unpleasant memory (Something that almost did not remember) and especially if they cause anxiety, means the same as above, but in this case tells us that the message is a little more important.

To dream that we think, means good luck in general.

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If we dream that we are thirsty, but we do not wake up thirsty, it means that we have religious or mystical aspirations, unless in our dream we are forced to drink hot water or in bad conditions, because then, it means: disappointments before something inevitable.

Seeing a thong of the opposite sex represents sexual desires. But if it is in a bad condition, then it means unsatisfied sexual desires or a difficult sex life.

The thorns represent penance, fasting, prayer, prayer, and sometimes relates to difficulties.
- If in the dream we punctured with a rose and the thorn remains, means difficulties, at least in the same dream, I see you taking us Thorns, in which case it means we can overcome the difficulties, for example: When you dream that you prick with a rose thorn and then we remove the thorn, means we will have some troubles in love, but will achieve overcome in this case may refer to a love in particular.
- If we dream that we purposely punctured with thorns of a rose or a desert plant, for example: Maguey, or cactus, means good fortune. It can also mean our self-sacrifice, that is, it is advice that tells us that it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice a little for others to find harmony in the home or at work.

Thoughtful/ Pensive:
- If in the dream we see someone we know, thoughtful, it means that person does not know what to do with your life or does not know what path to take in life.

It is a sign of a link between two things. What we do in our dreams with threads, it is what can happen with our issues and problems.
If the threads are gold or silver means that we will succeed using our cleverness or our diplomacy.
- If we dream that we are in a flea market or a market and there we see a stand of thread tells us that there are two things we must unite to achieve something and is related to the meaning of the other things they sell at the flea market or market, so we must unite and coordinate the meaning of the other things they sell; for example: If we see red shirts and pants, plus we do not buy neither tells us that we have not managed to have good luck in love because we lacked courage and determination (Not buy a red shirt = Bad luck in the love, and not buy pants = lack of courage and determination).
- If we dream that we throw up threads, it means there is something that does not suit us unite, or someone does not suit us to relate, because there is also the danger that someone claim for it.

- To dream that our business is thriving, it means the opposite, which advises us to make an extra effort to avoid losing it. But if we dream that it goes wrong, then it means that it is growing.

- To dream that we lose the voice portends the danger of losing money.
- If we can’t swallow indicates the difficulty of have our goods.
- If it is difficult to swallow, means the same as above.
- If we removed the tonsils predicts that our economic difficulties disappear.
- To dream that we have the throat, broken or out, means there is something we are not willing to accept.

- If in our dream, we are TROWING SOMETHING OR SOMEONE, it means how we unconsciously act can bring us problems.
- If SOMEONE THROW OBJECTS (any object) to us, means that we get rid of someone who is very annoying, or of groups of people who are annoying us.

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- If it is a thug, it means the following:
• To dream of thugs means that there is the danger of someone stealing from us or of being attacked by dishonest people.
• See us in dreams as thugs, tells us that we must be more honest towards others.


Ticket resellers:
- If in the dream we see a ticket reseller, it represents someone dishonest who with his attitude makes us too angry.
- If we dream that we are ticket resellers, it means that we are being dishonest and that we are making someone too angry.

To dream that low tide represents difficulties or low energy. But if we dream that the tide goes up means that we have enough resources, unless it causes damage, because then, it means that we must learn to control our emotions.

- If we dream that we are bound, means an agency that affects us.

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Tic tac toe:
- To dream that we play tic tac toe, it means disputes, or that one of our enemies prepared wrongdoings against us.
- If we are no longer children, and we dream we play tic tac toe with a child, it means the same as above, but also the dream tells us that we are behaving immature.

Ticks represent people who try to take advantage of us, either economically or otherwise, without giving anything in return.

Tick/Checkmark (From: ):
- This sign tells us about the things that are going well, since the ticks represent just that, and the cross marks: That does not go well.

All tickets dreams have a similar meaning. In this life one thing is the skills and qualities we have quite another paper in which we play. Many times we are forced to live far below or far above our true capabilities.

- If we feel tickled means that we will receive money or a good that we had lost, or that we had borrowed.
- If we dream that someone we know tickles us, it means that she(he) is trying to lift our spirits or that she(he) would like to see us smile, to approach with more confidence.

- If we have a dream and then, shortly before waking felt a tingling throughout the body, or hands meant that we had a prophetic dream (Some people call it astral travel), so that what we see in our dream may be future events that we can change. It may also happen that in the dream we see an unknown person who speaks, in this case it is an angel who has come to give an important message and tell us, it is something we should consider in the future.

The tiger is associated with the war, but also the courage to face a difficult situation.
It can mean several things:
- If the tiger is AGGRESSIVE means that we must have a more peaceful and kind attitude to others.
- To dream about a tiger with ARMOUR, tells us that we are not helpless because we have the strength and courage to face any difficult situation that comes our way.

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- Tighten anything, it means that we must make room for other things. It can also be a tip to stop talking too much of our past emotions.

- To dream that we are tightrope walker, means there will be ups and downs in our affairs, but ultimately we will achieve victory. But if we do not do well or we fall, then, it means failure because of the mistakes we've been making.
- If we see someone known as tightrope, it means the same as above, but applies to that person.

It means that we must ensure that our merits at work are recognized.

Time machine:
- Dreaming of a time machine, or we make a trip back in time on a machine time, tells us something of the past that we would change.

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- If in the dream we see a tin box full of money, it means money troubles because of our inflexibility. This dream advises us to be a little more flexible.

Tin container:
To understand the meaning of this dream, we must pay attention to what the tin contains or what we see on the label and then we find the meaning of it, for example, if we see a tin container filled with clean water without getting wet, it means that our feelings are good, and we will have a long and successful life, because that is the meaning of seeing clean water without getting wet.
- If we see an empty container, it means sorrows.
- If we see a broken container, it means disappointments.

Tinkerbell: (Tinkerbell fairy)
Dreaming of a fairy or Tinkerbell promises the fulfillment of a wish that it was believed impossible. But if we see it as a cartoon, then it means that if we want to see our wishes fulfilled, we must prepare to defend our interests.
- If we see Tinkerbell in a tree, the dream augurs good fortune in our projects, as well as the fulfillment of a wish.
- If we see Tinker Bell in a flower, the dream augurs good luck in love, and making a wish.
- If we dream that Tinkerbell, gives us some coins, means that God sent an angel to help us.
- If a man dreams of Tinkerbell with a blouse, white sexy, means the realization of a desire for love, for example, find someone special to love. r

Tinted windows:
- If we dream that we travel in a vehicle with tinted windows, it means that we are trying to hide something, but if we see someone we know traveling in a vehicle with tinted windows, that person is trying to hide something.
- If we dream that someone is chasing us in a white car with the tinted windows, it means that we should be careful with a hypocrite, as it could harm us in some way.
- If we see our car with tinted windows, but we notice that despite the polarized one, the inside is clearly visible, it means that we are not managing to hide anything.

This dream advises us, that we should keep in mind the advice we can receive, since these can help us avoid many problems.

See "Advice"

- If we dream we're in a vehicle and BREAKS A TIRE, augurs many ills.
- If HEAR THE CHIRP OF A TIRE, means there will be obstacles but that will not prevent us to achieve our purposes.
- If in our dream we are aboard a car and suddenly we see that some MISCREANTS trying to remove the tire or rim covers, means that we have enemies who seek to harm us. But if in the dream, the miscreants manage to leave the rim covers, or the tires, says it is likely that someone rob us something and also these people cause us harm in several ways.
- If we dream of a STAINED MUD tire, means that soon we will face difficult problems.
- If the tires TURN SLOW AND QUIET, means success and good fortune.

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- If in our dream we feel tired, means it is very likely to fail in our business or affairs.
- If in our dream we see someone we know, tired, mean that that person is likely to have failures in their business or affairs: But who we lost is one of our enemies, the dream tells us that we are winning.

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