This sign, most of the time tells us that we need to study and prepare more, or we are in need of good advice.

- If in our dream we see AS TEACHERS, means that we have desires of superiority.

- If we dream that we ASK AN EXPLANATION to our teacher and he(she) ignore us means we feel, we lack more knowledge and experience. In these cases we may be helpful to seek help from someone with more experience and knowledge that can guide us; it may also be necessary, improve our strategies and study methods.

- If we dream that we speak with a teacher and he or she DIES as we do, then there is something that can end badly, since we have little support and few resources (In this case the dream advises us to seek help from our angels guardian).
But if we see that when the teacher dies, his soul leaves your body and starts talking to us, it means that, although apparently we have little support and few resources, our guardian angels guide us and advise which can lead us to achieve the final victory. (In the latter case the dream advises us, not fail to trust in our guardian angels and keep trusting the messages we receive in our dreams).

- If we dream that a teacher gives us a KISS, tells us that we are doing well; it can also mean that the study and endeavor will bring good fortune. But if the teacher gives a kiss on the forehead, then it means the following:

- If we dream that a teacher gives a KISS ON THE FOREHEAD, it means we're doing well, thanks to our efforts and courage.

- If we dream that MOM OF A FRIEND IS OUR TEACHER, tells us that we will have some help to solve a difficult problem, but we must also do our part, for example: Paying more attention, try harder, better study the situation , do our homework, and so on.

- If we SEE A TEACHER and especially if we talk to he(she), means that we need good advice.

- If we dream we travel on a SCHOOL BUS and to one side sits a teacher, means a change in our life approaches; So in this case we are advised to be prepared and seek good advice (From someone who has experience and knowledge).

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