This type of sleep happens since we share a feeling or a concern with someone and when both have been thinking about it what happens is called a telepathic dream as the name says is a type of telepathy in which the thoughts of two people bind to and come to share the same dream is similar to communicate via a videophone, since the brain may transmit some kind of waves similar to those of a radio transmitter through a gland to we have in our brain.


Nightmares, shared (When several people have the same nightmare):
Sometimes it happens that two people have the same nightmare or someone has a nightmare and soon someone else dreams the same. So that can be caused by two reasons: • It happens between very close people, as it can be between brothers and that happens is that the emotions that the nightmare causes us are so strong that we transmit it telepathically to someone close to us.
• Sometimes this phenomenon can be caused by evil spirits that visit us in our sleep, especially if we soon get sick or have difficulties. This dream advises us to light a red candle to our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe), in addition to not showing fear and being brave.

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