- If in our dream someone ASKS US A TIP, and either give it or not, means success in our current projects.

- If you dream that an ENEMY GIVES ADVICE, means that one of our enemies, is planning to attack us, if not already done.

- If you see a FAMILY MEMBER OR FRIEND WHO LEFT THIS WORLD gives us advice that relates directly to our current situation, it means that that person who we see in dreams, in this case what we say, is exactly what is advising us.

- If in our dream we are GIVIND ADVICE or someone gives advice (Unless it relates to our current situation), means there will be discussions or the end of a friendship.

- If a PROFESSIONAL gives us some advice on our current situation, means the same as above.

- If we dream SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS, THEN SOMEONE ADVISES us saying: "you'll never accustomed to bad things", means that we must never acquiesce in things as: Drug, sexual identity conflicts, alcoholism, or anything else then we lose control of ourselves. This dream advises us to pray every day to our guardian angel and God, to make things better, and we can also use an amulet for health and determination (See: Zebra ) or a cat (See: (See: Cat ).

- If in our dream we talk to a STRANGER, who during the conversation we give advice, and if that advice relates to our current situation (Especially when we follow the instructions to have a prophetic dream / see: types of dreams), is because it is an angel who is giving us advice, which we must take into account.

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