A Telephone in our dream is primarily love, but it might relate to communication with those around us, in terms of a cell phone has the same meaning.

- If in the dream, it BURNS A PHONE WHEN SOMEONE OR OURSELVES, TRY TO USE IT, the dream augur problems and discussion due to lack of communication.

- Dreaming about an ENEMY WE TALK ON THE PHONE, it means that we show our enemies that we are not afraid.

- To dream that someone uses a radio transmitter and in some way with, OUR PHONE IS INVOLVED, means that we are being watched, even tells us that there is someone who is aware of what we say on the phone.

- If we dream that we KIDNAPPED, BUT THEN WE MANAGED TO ESCAPE, and came to a telephone for help, but we can not communicate, it means bad luck in love because of a person who is manipulating us or that we are doing witchcraft .

- If we see someone else get a phone and LET YOU KNOW THAT SOMEONE HAS DIED, means that something can go wrong, if not fear precautions.

- To dream that you NEED TO MAKE A TELEPHONE CALL, but we forget to take your cell phone, it means lack of love and understanding.

- If we have NO PROBLEM IN COMMUNICATION, NOR IS THERE ARE A NEGATIVE MESSAGE, it means that our relationship is good, but if the message is negative, it means that something is wrong in our relationship.

- If in our dream we can NOT REACH PHONE, means that we fear the impossibility of a relationship.

- If you dream that SOMEONE WE LIKE, GIVE US YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER or your e-mail, it also means that we please, and there is the possibility of a relationship with that person.

- If we dream that we have the phone number of someone, but it happens that one of THE TELEPHONE NUMBERS IS WRONG or is not correct, means that we fear the impossibility of a relationship, which advises us to be more sure of ourselves.

- If we see SOMEONE ELSE GETTING A PHONE CALL, can be a warning, depending on the meaning of what is said, that is, we find that mean the words you say.

- If SOMEONE THREATENS US BY TELEPHONE, meaning difficulties in love because of jealousy or resentment.

- If you HEAR THE PHONE WITHOUT ANSWERING, it means dangerous relationships with people who only seek their own benefit.

- If you USE THE PHONE WITHOUT DIFFICULTIES, the dream is related to love, and the message is related to the meaning of the other things we see in the dream.


- If you dream that you hire a person states that need help and support for our projects.
- If we are contracted promises that we propose new prospects in the labor field.

We are advised to be prudent in the way of avoiding an emotional climate which could be victims.

- If you dream that we speak in another language, means we have confidence and we are anxious, to whom we speak, who can be a dangerous enemy.
- It can also mean lack of communication with those around us, just means if we are talking in another language.

- View our dream a wokitoki or a radio, tells us that we are being watched, or that our enemies are watching us and are aware of what we do.

- If our dream chat or talk with someone, we can see the meaning of those words, to understand the meaning of the dream, for example if we say the word God, then we must find its meaning, in this case is peace of mind or too much security.
- If it's a prophetic dream, as when we follow the instructions to have a prophetic dream (see: Types of Dreams), and then we dream of talking to someone new, can be an angel that is giving us advice, by we must pay attention to what he says.

To suggest/ Overture:
- If our dream a stranger suggests we married (we're married to her or him), means that there is probable danger. What we are advised to be cautious.
- If you dream of an acquaintance (a) which hints to us sexually, it means that we must be cautious with that person.

- View our dream a wokitoki, tells us that we are being watched, or that our enemies are watching us and are aware of what we do.

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