- If in the dream we are throwing GARBAGE IN THE KITCHEN FLOOR tells us we are winning new enemies or that is soon likely to do so. What we are advised to be cautious in what we do or we are planning to do.

- If we see our MOTHER THROWING GARABAGE IN THE KITCHEN FLOOR means that there is something about our current situation is causing us anxiety, but we must remain calm and analyze the situation well, otherwise it is likely to make unwise and we win enemies.

- If in our dream, we are TROWING SOMETHING OR SOMEONE, it means how we unconsciously act can bring us problems.

- If SOMEONE THROW OBJECTS (any object) to us means that we get rid of someone who is very annoying, or of groups of people who are annoying us.

- If you throw SOMETHING IN THE TRASH, it means that we act unconsciously, can bring us problems, but as long as the meaning of what we throw away is good, for example: if we throw coins, because coins have a good meaning.

- If you throw in the TRASH, SOMETHING THAT HAS A BAD MEANING (we can see the meaning in this dictionary), tells us that we made the right decision.

- To dream that you are in a fight and lose because we THROW IN THE TOWEL means a probable failure because of our lack of courage and bravery. This dream advises us strive for our purposes.

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