Dreaming of a fairy or Tinkerbell promises the fulfillment of a wish that it was believed impossible. But if we see it as a cartoon, then it means that if we want to see our wishes fulfilled, we must prepare to defend our interests.

- If we see Tinkerbell in a tree, the dream augurs good fortune in our projects, as well as the fulfillment of a wish.

- If we see Tinker Bell in a flower, the dream augurs good luck in love, and making a wish.

- If we dream that Tinkerbell, gives us some coins, means that God sent an angel to help us.

- If a man dreams of Tinkerbell with a blouse, white sexy, means the realization of a desire for love, for example, find someone special to love.


A gnome and a elf in our dream, have the same meaning, and see one of them in our dream reveals the fragility of love versatile, but may have more meaning, especially if it is a good or bad elf or gnome.

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- Unicorns are the favorite pets of the fairies, and their significance in Most cases are associated with a trip or a new project.

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