The twins represent the cosmic wisdom.

- Dreaming of TWINS (identical), augurs good news and good luck. It may also mean that our unconscious desires will made.

- View our dream two BEAUTIFUL FEMALE TWIN IN A STORE (identical) perspective means happiness and good luck in love.

- If you dream TWINS (NON-IDENTICAL twin) we have a brother or buddy, tells us to defend our interests as it may seem that we being evil.

- If a woman dreams of giving birth to TWINS (Identical), it means good luck and the start of something good.

- Dreaming TWINS BORN DEAD, (Regardless of whether they are identical or not) tells us that something that started good, it may end badly.

- If in our dream we see SIAMESE twins, (Regardless of whether they are identical or not) means you do not know which direction to take in our lives. also may represent a conflict of ideas, or a conflict with someone.

- If you dream to have TRIPLETS, (Regardless of whether they are identical or not) means approaching some problems.

- If you dream that WE HAVE A TWIN BROTHER (Identical) means that we have the wisdom to do things.

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