This dream portends changes in our situation and work, usually for the better.

- If we dream that WE ARE ABROAD and we do not move from there, it reveals that our mind is unstable.


  • When the journey BEGINS and the dream ends, or suddenly we see ourselves in a fun place, it indicates a desire for something to change in our lives (accompanied by a sense of relief and joy) or fear that something will change in our lives (accompanied by feeling sad and melancholy).
  • If we visualize the INCIDENTS of the trip, it refers to a change in our situation, to a stage in our life.
  • If we dream that OTHERS ARE GOING ABROAD, it portends that our competitors abandon the fight by giving up.
  • If we dream that we travel ABROAD TO STUDY THE UNIVERSITY, it means that we are looking for a change to be able to develop our skills, it also tells us that it is most likely that we will achieve it, that is, it tells us that we are doing well.

- If we dream that we have DIFFICULTIES TO START A JOURNEY, it represents the difficulties to be able to achieve a positive change.

- To dream that we are traveling on a HONEYMOON or that we are on our honeymoon trip means marital happiness.

  • To dream that WE FORGET OR LOSE OUR LUGGAGE DURING OUR HONEYMOON, tells us that to ensure happiness in our marriage, we must make an effort and be more sure of ourselves.

- If we dream that we travel on a bus or on a ship and in it we see the PERSON WE LIKE, it means that he/she will be close to us for a long time (in the same group, work, activity, etc.), also that we have a good chance with her.

  • If we dream that we travel together with someone we like and that we are also accompanied by their PARENTS, it means that she/he also likes us and is also a serious person, that is, someone loyal and responsible.

- If we dream that we travel TIGHT (for example: In a car), it means who we see around us, for whom/who we travel tight; in real life we feel pressured by that person, or it is difficult for us to live with him.

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