Represents the path of life, if you travel with another or others , are those who are close to us , whether that or those people got off the tractor, means to stay away from us, if someone rises means that person can be close to us in the future , unless later in the dream all the tractor go down , then it means that everyone took different paths. Sometimes it relates to our work, for example: If we dream we have a very good tractor, means good luck in our work or our work projects.

- IF we DRIVE, it means that we have control of our lives, if instead someone else is driving is because, we donít have full control of our lives or we are strongly influenced by others. It may also happen that we see a child driving, reflecting lack of maturity in us.

- If we dream that we bring SOMEONE ALREADY DEPARTED FROM THIS WORLD, it means that someone is with us in spirit, that is, tells us it is our guardian angel and that we can trust him or her, always and in the case of someone dear. In such dreams usually are accompanied by several signs that help us better understand the message.

- If we are DRIVING THE CAR ALONE, means that we desire for independence.

- GASOLINE: It means our energy, so if you run out of gas means that we lack courage or decision.

- FLYWHEEL: Means control.

- BRAKES: Our will.

- THE ELECTRONIC: Our intelligence.

- HEADLAMPS, our vision.

- The APPEARANCE of the vehicle, as others see us.

- The WAY through which pass, we may give clues of our lives depending on the meaning of things to see.

- If this is a BULLDOZER represents hard work, but if we try to run over someone or destroy something with it, is intended to achieve something and using brute force or by means of an injustice.
If we dream that someone is trying to run us over with a bulldozer, it means that someone has ill will and we are trying to commit an injustice against us, and if he can run us over, telling us that the risk of that person achieve their evil purposes is even greater. In any case, the dream advises us away from dangerous situations, unreliable business, affairs and anything that we can put at risk.

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