A turtle in our dreams is associated with longevity, protection, serenity, or delay, depending on how we see it.

- To dream about a BIG AND VIGOROUS TURTLE means protection and longevity.

- If in our dream a turtle BITES us it means that our defenses are not the most appropriate.

- If in our DESK DRAWER we see turtles, means that our work is very slow which can be harmful to us later.

- To dream about a DRAGON-TURTELE means that we get rid of a disgrace.

- If in our dream we see TURTLE EXCREMENT means that our goods and our economy is well protected.

- If in the dream we see a HYBRID CROCODILE-TURTLE means that we have the courage and sufficient protections to face the situation.

- To dream that we KILL A TURTLE, OVERNIGHT means that we should not make unwise and risky things, because we could stay without protection and in imminent danger.

- If in the dream your NEPHEW(NIECE) TELLS YOU, THAT YOU LOST YOUR TURTLE, means to be cautious about what we are doing or planning to do, because we could not be protected.

- If in our dream we see a turtle with its SHELL BROKEN means that we are defenseless in a difficult situation.

- If in the dream we see someone we know about shoeing TURTLE LEATHER SHOES, tells us that this is a person who is well protected. But if we who we fit the turtle leather shoes, then, tells us that we are well protected.

- To dream that we THROW, KILL, BURN, OR DISAPPEAR A BLACK-TURTLE, talks about an issue that was going too slow, but then something happened and the problem disappeared.

- See a turtle WALK SLOW means that something is slowly in our lives.

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