- Dreaming that an ANGEL OR A GOOD BEING BECOMES IN A DEMON means that our thinking is changing for the worse. But if we dream that a demon becomes in an angel or a good Being then, means that our thinking is changing for the better.


Above is a picture of a woman who was transformed into a being part human and part animal, and is what we call zoomorphism, which has the same meaning as if it had been completely transformed into an animal (The meaning is zoomorphism same as the above).

- If in our dream we see that the GODDESS BASTET BECOMES IN MANDRILL, tells us to be more thoughtful and not get carried away too much sensuality and our instincts.

- If we see, CLOUDS BECOME IN ANOTHER THING means that our way of seeing things in terms of religion, is changing.

- If in our dream we see a person that we KNOW WHO BECOMES IN A DOLL, means that people will try to end the friendship we have with that someone, what causes us concern. This dream advises us to ignore hearsay or gossip.

- Dream that we are SCIENTISTS AND THEN WE TRANSFORM in someone younger and black clothes with sunglasses, is, if at first we were trying to analyze things, then we stop doing that, and all you accomplish is to hide a reprehensible conduct.

- If you dream you kissed SOMEONE LIKE YOU, but then she(he) becomes someone we know, means that our feelings are changing, so we is starting to like more the person she(he) becomes.

- When in our dreams, we see THINGS, THAT BECOME IN AHOTHER THINGS, means that our way of seeing things, or our thinking is changing.
In this case it is important to seek the meaning of the thing, and what, when it becomes to understand where is the change in our thinking.

- If in our dream we see a building with STATUES OF LIONS at the entrance and then we see that one of them BECOME IN BASTET, tells us that Bastet we have visited in dreams to tell us that our projects are well protected.

- Dreaming to HIT AN ENEMY and that enemy to be hit BECOMES IN STONE means that we have a very strong and persistent enemy. But if by becoming stone, it cracks or breaks, then, means that we will defeat despite his strength and persistence.

- If in our dream we see an ACQUAINTANCE that suddenly begins to BECOME IN AN UGLY WOMAN tells us that we should not trust that person, as usually practiced witchcraft and or spreading gossip or hearsay.

- Dreaming of a BAD WOLF who becomes in a good wolf, tells us that someone close to us, in the past was disloyal and treacherous and although it seems to have changed his nature, advises us not to trust us too.

- To dream that someone makes you ZOMBIE, means that a person close to you, is try to separate you, from someone in physically or emotionally form.


Change the way we are:
- Dreaming to we change our way of being, or someone says that you changed your way of being, means there is something related to our way of being that is causing us some problems.

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