- Dreaming of GOOD TROLL, means good luck in love.

- Dreaming of a BAD TROLL, it means that you care how you behave, to avoid bad reviews.

- If you dream that SOMEONE YOU KNOW IS A BAD TROLL, it means that some people are making snide comments about that person, which advises us to ignore gossip.

- To dream that our HOUSE IS INVADES BY TROLLS, you say, you do not know how to treat some people suggest you simply look the way you behave, in order to avoid bad reviews.

- If in our dream we see a troll with DEFORMED TEETH, it means that we must watch how we behave and or what we say, in order to avoid bad reviews.

- A dream that we troll possession, or GETS US THE SPIRIT OF A TROLL, means that there is much evil around us while telling us that we care how we behave for that very reason.

- If in our dream we see GROTESQUE TROLL TRADING CARDS, tells us that we must take care how we behave to avoid bad reviews, plus we may be at risk, as there are people with bad intentions around us who might try to exploit any situation to cause harm in some way.


A gnome and a elf in our dream, have the same meaning, and see one of them in our dream reveals the fragility of love versatile, but may have more meaning, especially if it is a good or bad elf or gnome.

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