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Dreams: Ar-Az

We say that the problems that we have, finished soon, we must also pay attention to his expression, as if are angry, it means we're doing something wrong, and if it is satisfied, we say that everything is fine.

Archaeological area:
- If in our dream we see an archaeological site (of any culture as seen today), means to approach important changes in our life, which can be good or bad, but in any case is a warning to be prepared.
- If in our dream we see an archaeological site, but we see in perfect condition, that is, as it was in his time, portends immortality for our ideas or our works.

Predict probable discussions because of an inheritance.

It means, probable conflicts with the person with whom we arguing.
- If in the dream we arguing, with SOMEONE WE KNOW, is likely to conflict with that person, (but if there is a specific meaning, for example: If we argue with a cousin and below this the meaning of dreaming to arguing with a cousin, then we must take into account the arguing with a cousin as it is the more specific meaning).
- Arguing with an ENEMY tells us to continue the discussions and demands.
- To dream that we arguing with person who has the FOREHEAD VERY LEANING, augurs, discussions and demands against someone perfidious, who wants to rob us. This dream advises us, not lose sight of that person because it is one of our main enemies.
- To dream about we arguing with one of our BROTHERS OR SISTERS, means that we have internal conflicts that can cause problems.

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- If we are with a BROKEN ARM, means illness and pain.
- And if I dream that a BLACK CAT BITES OUR ARM, then, the dream is more specific, and tells us that a woman gossip and insidious (someone acting secretly and maliciously to achieve their goals or to harm anyone in any way) can cause us not to be welcome in a place.
- See us with an ARM DEFORM means illness and pain.
- If we are with LONGER ARMS OR MORE ROBUST, means success and good fortune.
- If we are MISSING AN ARM, means disease.

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Represents protection and security.

- More bulky, means happiness.
- Less bulky, indicates deficiency.
- With more hair, protection against our adversaries.
- With less hair, means that we need protection.
- To dream that someone stabs us in the armpits, represents a person who wants revenge or hurt us, for the reason that he hates the idea that we are adapting well to the circumstances.

- This dream tells us that we are not as helpless as we think.
- Dreaming of a tiger with armor, tells us that we are not helpless and that we have the strength and courage to face any difficult situation that comes our way.
- If in the dream we see a strange man in armor, is our enemy, and says he is well protected.
- If in the dream we see a strange man taking off his armor, tells us that our enemy is running out of defenses, which tells us that it is time to attack with everything.

- If in our dream we see or drive a tank, or an armored vehicle, means that we feel threatened by something.

Arms (Firearms, sharp...):
- If you are sharp, indicating problems with family relationships.

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This dream tells us that there may be problems with others.
Symbolizes friends or colleagues, so that if the dream is nice, it can mean a help, but if it is not, it means hostility towards us, by friends or colleagues.

- If we see one of our naked brothers, is to see ourselves free from hypocrisy.
But if we see a brother of the opposite sex naked and that causes us arousal, it means that our sex life is difficult and boring.
- If we dream that we are in bed with our partner but we see that there is a third person whom we know and it is the same sex as well as we noticed that this arousal, represents a possible love triangle, which advises us to be cautious with that person to avoid such situations.

Arrest warrant:
- To dream that there is an arrest warrant against us, means that in reality there will soon be an arrest warrant against one of our enemies.
- If in our dream we see that one of our brothers (sisters) is apprehended, it is a warning, which tells us to be cautious and not do anything illegal, since there is a danger that we will end up in prison.

This dream shows us our need to achieve our ambitions.
- If it strikes an arrow, it means pain, but if we took the arrow, we indicates that all is well because it has disappeared the possibility of come to present the sentences.

- Dreaming the ghost of a black cat begins to spin around us, it means that things can turn around negative because of the treachery of a woman.

Artwork/Work of art:
- If we dream that we think, that when we are millionaires, we will buy a famous work of art, it means that in order to avoid problems of money and that our work is more appreciated or recognized, we need to be more creative and original.
- If we dream a painting with the image of a woman and we notice that it looks at us, it means that there is something we have not thought about and it is the fact that, in order to succeed in that we want, we must be more creative and original (Note: A good creativity technique is to combine things to achieve something new and different).


- To dram about ash, means bad luck.
- But if we dream of cigarette ash, means probable concerns about lack of foresight, and if we see them next to a window, it means an uncertain future concerns and because of our lack of foresight.

- If in our dream we feel distressed means insecurity or fear, and the meaning of the other things we see in the dream can give us more details.

- Empty indicates that appease our concerns is if we take the necessary precautions.
- Full, means negligence and carelessness leave sequelae in our relationship with others.

by letter.

- If in a dream, we are asking something, says it is important to defend our interests, putting aside our fears.

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Ask for/Request:
- If in our dream we see an angel that asks us to do something, it means that we must pay attention to what he says and keep it in mind, because it can help us solve a problem.
- Seeing us giving alms to someone, means disappointment.
- See a beggar, but we do not give anything, it means, that there is a possibility that we have lost money.
- If we see ourselves as beggars, it means that we are about to start a time of difficulties and unproductive work.
- To dream that a well-known person asks us to lend him some of our clothes to change, means that that person envies us, or that he simply would like to be in our place.

Presage success, good fortune, healing, and deliverance.

Aspirin used as medicine, are associated with an aid to our health or our souls.

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- If what we see in the dream is unpleasant, portends fights and disappointments. It could also represent someone hostile.
- If a man sees in his dream the ass of a woman and the dream is sensual, it represents happiness.
- If a man sees in his dream the ass of his wife, it means prosperity.
- If a man dreams of a woman showing her ass, but then she covers her ass with her hand, it means that can have some obstacles to achieving happiness or what is proposed.

- If in our dream someone helps us, it means we have the support of our friends to solve our problems.
- To dream that we ask for help, it means that we are lost or misplaced.

- If we attend to any act, warns us suffer a setback unimportant.
- If we dream that we are in a classroom and the teacher verifies our assistance, tells us that we should not forget to keep studying and preparing more either continue our studies or, for example, go to the library to have enough knowledge to face the difficulties we may have.

Assistant director, Vice-Director:
- Finding him augurs that new relationships will not be as beneficial as we hoped.
- Being so in dreams portends future hopes of success.

- If we dream that we assume something, it means that the future can become uncertain and difficult, so we should not trust ourselves too much.

- If we dream that we are astonished by something, it means that there is something important that is happening to us unnoticed.

Astral Plane:
- If during the dream, we realize that we are dreaming and tried to wake up, but feel that something pulls us or something that does not let us return to this astral plane; means that a pesky spirit was bothering us in our dream. If it not repeated, no problem, but if repeat constantly, we must place a psychic weapon inside the pillow as it can be a folding knife. (Although it is not a serious danger, the feeling can be disturbing).

Astral projection, Astral Voyage:
Astral voyage is when our soul travels to another cosmic direction during sleep (or by an ecstatic journey), either to Heaven, to an underworld, in limbo, or even once (Either the past or a probable future).
These are generally strange dreams or dreams which are accompanied by strange sensations such as tingling or feeling that we lack the breath, to name a few, another common case is to see us floating above our bed watching our sleeping body, and the next moment we wake up.

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- To dream that we train track, means that we must prepare for an important event.
- If in our dream we try to resist athletic training, this is a tip that tells us that we must find ways to better manage ourselves, such as better organize our work and duties, in order to make things better.
- View in our dream a running track tells us to prepare more for an important event.
- If we compete in a track meet and won means success, but if we do not win, then it means failure.

Athletic track:
- To dream of an athletic track means that we must prepare more for an important event.
- If we compete in an athletics track and win, it means: success, but if we lose, then, it means: Failure.

- If you dream that we get money from an ATM means: poverty.
- If we are using the ATM, but no money, meanswe have fought or we get rid of financial difficulties.

Atole (From: Corn drink):
In this case the meaning is dependent on its taste, for example:
- If CHOCOLATE FLAVOR, promises us happiness and good fortune in the family.
- If STRAWBERRY, promises us love and good fortune, thanks to a woman.
- If CORN, portends prosperity and good things.
- If NUTTY FLAVOR, augurs fertility and renewal.
- If I tried it and it tastes is SOUR means that suffer discomfort and distress.

- This dream warns us about setbacks ahead.
- If we had long time a girlfriend(boyfriend), who has left this world, and in our dream, we see a dog attacks her(him), means that in the past someone did something to prevent us were married to that person.
- If we dream we prepare for attack; means it is very likely that we achieve the change we want in our life, although there may be some obstacles.
- To dream about criminal attacks us, but we hit with a bottle, to save us, it means we will achieve to avoid a hazard.

- If we dream we see with attention the faces of others, then there is something we need to understand better or we need to better understand others.

It means that something is wrong in our lives.

- To dream that someone tells us we have a bad attitude, means that soon we will receive the reproaches of someone

Attorney General:
If in our dream we see the Attorney General or anything related to Justice, it means that we are concerned about something related to our current situation.

- Dreaming with a very attractive and beautiful woman, it means success in love.

- If we dream someone tells us that if we do not train, we are going to atrophy muscles, means that if we do not prepare and strive more, soon we will have problems.

It means that we may lose our position or our job. It can also mean loneliness or bad luck in money matters.
- If we dream that we manage to get something very good in an auction, it means that we are on the right track to achieve what we want, however there is the risk of losing more money than we should, so we must analyze and plan things well.

It means that if we can overcome our doubts and hesitations, we will have happiness and success.

Advertise with distinctions period.

- If in our dream we see our aunt, means we will soon receive a notice or a surprise.

The aura represents the soul and feelings, so if we see someone with a good-looking aura, it means that he/she is trustworthy, but if he/she looks bad, then it means that we should not trust him/her. r

Aurora Borealis:
It means good luck and or the end of our problems.

- To dream that we lose a permit or written authorization means that we feel disoriented and need some advice from someone who has more experience than us.

This dream tells us we need a bit of respect and recognition.

Automotive Dealership:
- If we are in our dream into a dealership full of new cars, means that there is potential for positive change in our life or the possibility of a better life. But if empty, meaning that the possibilities for change are very rare and difficult.

To dream that the autopilot is activated means that we must not let ourselves be carried away by circumstances.

To dream about an autopsy shows our analytical capabilities.
- If we dream that our girlfriend(boyfriend) dies and then we performed an autopsy or necropsy, means that we must analyze the causes of that our relationship is over, in order to prevent things from getting worse or that the same thing happens again with someone else.

This season can indicate changes in our life with respect to age, to which we must adapt.
- If we dream of dry leaves and autumn, it represents something that is ending, for example, a stage or an issue.

View an avalanche falling on many people, without us being there, is a warning that says we are in a danger.
-- If an avalanche falls and we are there but we managed to escape, may mean the following:
• If is of dirt or stones, it means luck financially.
• If is of snow or water, it means that we will soon see in the midst of trouble, but make it out of them, well delivered.
• If is of fire, it means that we will achieve a higher state of consciousness • If is of dust If it means that problems about our goods or business are close, but we will go free.
-- If we canít escape of the avalanche, it may mean the following:
• If is of dirt or stones, it tells us that we can have an accident.
• If snow or water, warns us that we are cautious about the way we handle our feelings.
• If is of fire, same as above.
• If is of dust, and dust covers us completely, means we have a problem related to our business or affairs.

To dream about an Avatar, means that our problems will soon end. But if the Avatar looks sad or angry, it means that something is wrong, we must analyze our actions.

If in our dream we see an avenue, are going to relate to the way we carry in our life and what to expect from obstacles (Such as when we see that many people suddenly crosses the road), Hazard (When the road gets dark), a promising future (A straight avenue with plenty of trees, et cetera.), decisions that we make (When we arrived at a crossroads) ..... That is, the aspect of the journey and what we are in, we will detail the way that we now and what to expect next.
- If we walk down an avenue or road, and we FIND SOMETHING, we seek the meaning of that thing, because that is the meaning, but if we come back, then it means that we got rid of something that relates to the meaning of we see, for example: If we have a negative meaning, it is because we got rid of that negative, but if you have a good meaning, then it most likely means is that we get that good that we are on the way to our lack of courage and determination.
- If we walk down a street or road, and suddenly we SEE CROSS MANY PEOPLE, tells us that many obstacles lie ahead, which we are advised to seek a different path to achieve our objectives.

This sign is related to love.
- If inside the aviary we see a bird, especially if they are canaries, it means that we will have good luck in love.
- If it were a pigeon, it means probable marriage.
- If we see a bird escape from an aviary, it means difficulties in love, at least in the dream, suddenly the bird returns, or we see a bird arriving in an empty cage, then it means there may be a difficulty, but we will easily overcome it.
- If we see an empty aviary, it means difficulties in love.

If we dream an avocado, it means that our friends appreciate us.
- If we see dog EXCREMENT around an avocado, it means that there is a person who wants to get away from you, someone who appreciates you (The excrement around means that someone wants to separate us from a person or a place and the avocado represents someone who appreciates us).
- If we dream that we are walking down the street and suddenly we see a bag full of ROTTEN avocados, it represents an ex-friend that is starting to become an annoyance.

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Awards; Grammy, Oscars:
- To dream that we won a Grammy award or an Oscar, means that in our environment, others appreciate or that we will soon achieve success in an important matter.

Away, move:
What we see in dreams go, is something that we free ourselves unless it have a good meaning, for then this is what we are failing to deliver. In this case, the important thing is to find the meaning of things to move away, to understand the meaning of the dream.
- If in our dream we move away from something or situations that have a bad meaning, tells us that we have got rid or we get rid of it.
- If something that has a good meaning away from us, it means we are failing to deliver does that mean that thing to moving away.
- To dream that our friends are moving away from us, it means there is a danger of losing one or several of our friends.
- If in our dream we see a man dressed in black and carrying a sword in his hand, means that we have a dangerous enemy; but if we see that he move away, means we win.

The awnings of shop, represents the way that others see us or that we are offering to others.
- To about an awning made of a white snakeskin, means that we are offering others (Or to a someone in particular) an opportunity to evolve and improve in some respect.

It symbolizes power and strength.
- To view an ax, means strength and power to cut their losses any problems, nobly and justly, without hesitation.
- If we dream that we cut a tree with an ax and we tear it down, it means that we will manage to end a problem with nobility and justice, but if we do not fell the tree, then, means that we have a difficult problem, which advises us not give up.

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