- If in a dream, we are ASKING SOMETHING, says it is important to defend our interests, putting aside our fears.

- If we dream that we ask someone where the DEAD ones are going, and he tells us that they are among us because there is no space anywhere else, it means that there is someone who has bad will and is trying to make us witchcraft.

- To dream that our FATHER IN LAW/MOTHER IN LAW, asks us to ask something to someone, it means that it is important to avoid unnecessary arguments.

- If we dream that our LAWS (Mother in law, father in law or both) ask us anything, it means that soon we receive news or unexpected surprise, because of someone trying to defend their interests.

- If we dream that the PERSON WE LIKE, ASK US IF WE HAVE GIRLFRIEND(BOYFRIEND), it means that we also like her(him), but before anything else, she(he) wants to know if she(he) can trust in us (If we are a faithful and loyal person).

- If we dream that the PERSON WE LIKE ASKS US IF WE ARE A HERO(HEROINE), it means that we also like her(him) but as long as we are willing to help and/or protect her(him).

- If in our dream SOMEONE ASKS US ANYTHING, it means that someone is trying to defend your interests.
But if we dream that someone we like asks us several things, then it means that person has been analyzing us to find out if we agree.

- If someone who attends school but is on vacation, dreams that when he returned to class he was afraid that the TEACHER would ask him something, but in the end he doesn't ask anything, it means that the best thing, is that the dreamer, do all his pending tasks and also study, because the safest thing is that his teacher will ask him for his completed homework and he will ask him questions.

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