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Dreams: An-Aq

Anabolic steroids:
- To dream of such drugs, it means we have some expensive pleasures that bring us terrible consequences.

It tells us that we can succeed in a business or in a case.

- If they are angry or sad portends fights.
- If they are happy, the event will be joyful and beneficial.

View an android or a robot, in our dreams means:
This dream advises us that we should not let others care to carry out the work that we perform.
It can also be a tip that tells us that we should be less rigid and mechanical in what we do.

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Predicts favorable developments.

This dream tells us that we be concerned about our health or that we will be concerned for that reason.

- If we dream that we use anesthesia or to someone put us anesthesia, it means we repress our emotions or feelings.

- his dream warns us that the problems we may have will end soon, we must also pay attention to his expression, as if are angry, it means we're doing something wrong, and if it is satisfied, we say that everything is fine.
- To see an angel carrying a sword, tells us that we are protected from evil and that our problems will end soon.

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Angel of death:
See: "Grim"

- To dream that we are angry or someone is angry, tells us that in future, it is best to avoid unnecessary discussions, especially people who do not understand reasons and who are not willing to change opinion even though they know they are wrong.
- To dream that we upset someone, it means the same as before.
- If a married woman dreams that will make a baby chower, but then angry at her husband's family, and goes, this is a council that says that in the future, it is best to avoid unnecessary discussions with the her husband's family or any of them, and they do not understand the reasons and are willing to change his mind, even though they know they are wrong, and since that way to avoid difficulties in your marriage.
- If in our daily living we know two people who are angry or apart, and dream that they are reconciled, it means the opposite, this is, at the moment is very unlikely to be reconciled.

- If we have a nightmare and woke up with an intense feeling of anguish, then there is something we are causing trouble, but it can also mean that there is a looming threat, in which case this dream advises us to be very careful and cautious in following days.

- If in our dream we see an animal, meaning, the animal will see.
- An animal skin hanging on the wall of a room, means we want to have a better social position and get rid of something that causes us stress.

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See "Cartoons"

To dream that something good or useful is annihilated, it means bad luck in business and money problems.

That dream indicates small temporary concerns.

- If we dream of an annoying fly (A fly flies around us and that's a fastidious), it represents a person who keeps getting into our affairs and/or having us ill will for some reason.

- To dream that we suffer from anorexia, doing this means that we lack self-love or self-esteem.

Another person, dream of being:
- To dream of being someone else, for example of another age and sex, means that we identify with someone we know as one of our relatives or friends who has those characteristics, and we are concerned about that person's problems, so We would like to help that person solve their problems. And the same thing means if we dream that we are someone of the opposite sex that we know in our daytime life.
- To dream of being of the opposite sex and that the dream is constantly repeated, means that we have some doubts about sexuality. What advises us to analyze things well and pray in the morning to ward off any bad influence.

- If we dream we answer a question correctly, means that we know how to solve the problems we face, which advises us not hesitate and apply what we know we should do.
- If we dream that we argue with someone and suddenly we raise the tone of voice until we begin to insult him, but he(she) remains silent without responding (Without responding to our verbal aggression), it means more or less the opposite, that is, if we argue with others and verbally assault them, it is very likely that we will encounter someone who will respond aggressively (Either with loud words or even physically).

- If in our dreams, we hear the national anthem, it means that we will soon receive good news.

In most cases, an anthill is related to our work.
- If we dream that we step on an ant hill and the ants we climb to the body, it means that someone has us ill will because he think we did something or but we did damage to him.
- Dreaming spiderís leave of an anthill means that someone plans to get a trap and is a person in our school or our work.
- If we dream that a stream of water falls inside an anthill, it represents probable problems related to our work. r

In most cases when we dream with valuable antiques, tells us that we will receive an inheritance, but there is a danger that someone wants to take it away, so we must be prepared.
- If it is a spare part in bad condition or old spare parts, means that there is a danger that we fall into the same mistakes.
- If we dream of an antique book, it means that we should remember some skills and knowledge that we have a little forgotten.

- If we dream of an antivirus for computer, tells us that we will manage to solve a problem. But if the antivirus does not work well, then, means that it will be difficult to solve a problem.

Symbolize, organized and foresight labor.
- If ants invade your home or see them coming to our house, tells us that there are people who keep us ill will. It can also mean many little annoyances.
- If we sleep in the ceiling of our house there are many ants, then there is someone who has ill will.

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- If what we see in the dream is ugly, augurs fights and disappointments. You can also represent someone hostile.
- If a man sees in his dream the anus of a woman and the dream is sensual, represents that.
- If a man sees in his dream his wife's anus, it means prosperity.
- If a man dreams of a woman showing her anus, but then she covers her anus with his hand, means he can have some obstacles to achieving happiness or what is proposed.

- If in our dream we see an anvil, means we are in a period of our life where we are forced to withstand the blows of what appears to be an inevitable fate, as well as having little chance of changing things.

Dream that we show apathy means that it is likely to fail in a subject, at least to begin to show more courage and determination.

- To dream of a luxurious apartment, it means that we are spending too much; but if the apartment is modest, it means that our hopes will be realized.
- If we are visiting a department that is not ours, it means that our current situation is about to change, depending on the apartment.
- If we are visiting a department that is not ours and burns, it means that our current stability is in danger.
- If we live in an apartment and dream of that, we see: "House"

If in our dream we see an ape, it means that we should not get carried away by our instincts and that we should be more reflective.

- It means that it is likely to suffer some disappointments and sorrows.
- To dream that we make fun of someone but then we apologize, means a person who thinks that we are taking advantage of her, or that we are not taking into account their help, so it is likely to make us suffer some dislikes. This dream advises us to be more considerate, especially with those who are trying to help.
- If in the dream, a person whom we know, asks we to forgive him, it means that that person is likely to make us suffer some disappointments.
- Dreaming that one of our brothers hits us, but then apologizes to us, tells us that it is likely that this brother (a) make us suffer some disappointments.

Appeal (From: Law, request review):
- If in our waking life we are part in a legal proceeding and we dream that a judge confirmed the sentence on appeal, that is, contrary to how it is done, it means: That the judgment of the court, be confirmed by the the authority to resolve the appeal of the judgment.

- If in our dream we see something appear that has a bad meaning, tells us that we are not on the right path, so that we will not get what we want, unless you get back on the right path; it can also mean that we are doing something wrong , and that means the first or second, depends on our current situation.

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- If we dream that we are in front a supernatural appearance means we are on track and achieve our desires.
- Dreaming happen an appearance of our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) and there we are, means that we can choose our future, even to help others. In addition, this dream tells us to trust in our Divine Lady, as we have a good relationship with Her.

- If you have a good appetite dream augurs happiness moments.
- Dreaming that have poor appetite means coming difficulties.

- To dream you eat something very appetizing especially if the dream is repeated, it means wake up hungry.

- If we are applauded by our friends, means that those friends do not deserve our trust.
- If we applaud, means that we are acting with levity or thoughtlessness.

To dream about apples means that there will be plenty and prosperity.
- To dream that we are GOING TO EAT an apple, means that there will be good things with very little effort.

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Apple, African star/ Apple, white star/ Udana:
This fruit represents an aid to solve a problem. It can also mean that we will soon receive someone's support.

Appointment book:
- See an appoinment book in our dream, it means that for our home, things go well we reject an appointment.
- Dreaming of a new appointment book in which we have not written anything, tells us that our new project or business will be successful.

If in our dream we feel appreciated, means we have distinctions, or significant economic gains.

Apprehension and detention order:
- If in the dream we apprehended (we caught the written order of a judge), tells us that it is likely that an enemy, go to prison, or that he has a negative change in their current situation.
- If apprehend an enemy, it means that it is likely that we fence to prison, or have a negative change in our current situation, the latter tells us to be prepared to avoid the difficulty, in addition to not do reckless things.

by letter.

- If in our dreams we see ourselves as an apprentice, means that we will be successful in what we do.
- If, however, in our dreams we see an apprentice, means that we will receive welcome news.

- If we dream that SOMEONE TRIES TO APPROACH US, means that someone needs our help, and if those who approach us in the dream is someone you know, means that person needs our help.
- A dream that DISASTER IS NEAR, means that we must be prudent and cautious.
- If we dream that a CRIMINAL IS APPROACHING US, it means that there is a danger that someone will steal it, or of an attack by dishonest people.
- To dream that we approach to SOMETHING THAT PRODUCES FEAR, means that we must be prudent and cautious.
- If in our dream we see that a DANGER IS NEAR, means that we must be prudent and cautious.

- If we dream that a family member or friend who left this world approves our dating relationship, it means we're doing well and that she(he), approves. But if we dream that he(she) disapprove of our relationship, then it means that this relationship does not suit us.

April Fool:
It tells us that we will be mocked by our relationships.

- To dream of a clean apron, means work and protection in our work.
- If we see a dirty apron, announces discussions and difficulties at work.

- To dream that we have an aquamarine means that we will have joy and good fortune in marriage.
- If in the dream we are losing an aquamarine means heartbreak.

Represent our inner emotions.
This dream tells us to reflect on that emotion, we should show, and what not.

To dream about aqueduct in good condition, augurs wealth; but if it is old and abandoned, means poverty.

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