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Dreams: Ad-Ai

Adder machine:
- If in our dream we use an adder without problems, it means that we will achieve good benefits, but if we have problems using it, it means that we may have some obstacles in our near future.

This dream tells us that there is something in us that is very difficult to manage.

- If we dream that we become addicted to drugs, it means we will have some expensive pleasures that bring us terrible consequences.

- If in our dream we do accounts (such as with: Additions, subtractions, multiplications or divisions) on a piece of paper or in a notebook, it tells us that it is important to defend our interests.

- See the address of a place in our dreams, it means that we will receive news or a visit from a friend.
- Give our direction, warns us that we have committed an indiscretion.

Adjacent/ Adjoin:
- If we dream that we are in our house and noticed that the wall adjacent to the wall of the neighbor there is drawn a pentacle or any signs associated with witchcraft, tells us that one of our neighbors are doing us witchcraft or simply he has ill will to us, so we must be careful with these people.

- If we see adobes that are part of the ruins of a building, means: fear and grief.
- Build with adobe, it means money earned honestly, it can also symbolize something we've done with honesty, depending on the meaning of the other things we see in the dream.

Adolf Hitler:
- Adolf Hitler's dream, signifies a desire for revenge.
- Dreaming of Hitler kills a person, means we want revenge on someone.

- If you still do not have children, it means our desire to have them. But if we have children, it means that we are taking over responsibilities that are ours, which can be an obstacle, or cause of admiration.

- If a child (Who in his life has a normal family day) dreaming that someone adopts it means that someone like him away.

- Read a newspaper ad, predicts that we will achieve a major breakthrough.
- If we are inserting an ad, the dream augurs a change in our current situation.
- If we see advertisements of political propaganda, the dream tells us that there is a danger that our hopes will fail to perform.
- If in our dream we see a commercial or TV ad, the message is related to the meaning of the things we see in the commercial or advertisement.
- If is a billboard, it is an important reminder that relates to the meaning of the things we see in the ad.

- To dream that we commit adultery or our wife commits adultery our means: disagreement with the behavior of your partner.
- To dream that one parent commits adultery, it means that is likely to cause a disgrace to our family, it can also mean an unfortunate event. This dream advises us to do what is necessary to prevent it from happening.

- If we dream that something is only for adults or we say that something is for adults only, refers to something that is reserved or we should reserve for certain people.

Such dreams usually relate precisely with our enemies or adversaries. And the dream that we have an enemy (whom we unknown in our waking life) or dream of one of our enemies if we know who has the same meaning, with the only difference that in the case of a known enemy, the dream directly related to him.
- If in our dream an enemy or the minister of a sect, we give ADVICE, it means the opposite, for example: If we are advised to do things (as if we were not doing well) means the post, this is, we says we're good and we're doing things right.
- To dream that one of our enemies we are ASKED TO MAKE PEACE, it means the opposite, ie, that our enemies have no intention of making peace, or reach any agreement.
- If in our dream we see one of our enemies and is also present a BABY, means that our enemies are behaving immaturely.
- Dreaming about a COP tries to stop or capture one of our enemies and to do so he(she) kisses him, means that our enemy is in danger of being betrayed by his own accomplices.

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- If we see ADVERTISING OR POLITICAL PROPAGANDA, the dream tells us that there is a danger that our hopes will not be fulfilled.
- If we see the advertising in a BILLBOARD AD, it is an important notice that relates to the meaning of the things we see in the ad.
- If in our dream we see TELEVISION ADVERTISING, the message is related to the meaning of the things we see in the advertisement.
- If in our dream we see an advertisement on television of FRIED SNACKS and we also see written words on it, but we do not understand what it says, it means bad luck in love because of shyness and distrust, either on our part or on the part who we like.
- If we dream that we see advertising or anything that has that has SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES, we must look for the meaning of the things that represent the hidden images, for example, if we see a sexual organ or something that represents it, it means that we will soon receive money, already That is the meaning of the sexual organ.

- If in our dream we are giving advice or someone gives advice (unless it relates to our current situation), means there will be discussions or the end of a friendship.
- If you dream that an enemy gives advice, means that one of our enemies, is planning to attack us, if not already done.
- If you dream something bad happens, then someone advises us saying: "you'll never accustomed to bad things", means that we must never acquiesce in things as: Drug, sexual identity conflicts, alcoholism, or anything else then we lose control of ourselves. This dream advises us to pray every day to our guardian angel and God, to make things better, and we can also use an amulet for health and determination (See: Zebra ) or a cat (See: (See: Cat ).
- If in our dream someone asks us a tip, and either give it or not, means success in our current projects.
- If a professional gives us some advice on our current situation, means the same as above.

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- If we dream that we do aerobics, means we can have a long life, if we exercise and lead a healthy life.
- If we are in a gym, it means that if we exercise we will have a longer life with fewer worries.

- View our dream aerosol deodorant or flavoring, means that the artifices employed to mask the truth before others did not yield results.
- If in our dream we see a white dog that someone painted graffiti on your body, it means that there is a danger that someone sabotaged our courtship or our friendship with someone.

If we dream that something happens after something that happened recently, it means the opposite, this is, that happened before thing that happened recently.
But if we dream that something happened before this time, it means the opposite, this is, that something will happen after that something that happened recently.

Afternoon snack:
This dream means happiness in the family, but if we see our partner drinking with someone else, it indicates infidelity on their part; If we see a family member eating alone, it means that we can have difficulties with our health; if we see ourselves inviting someone to have an afternoon snack, it means that we are jealous; To dream that we snack alone, means sadness and loneliness.

by letter.


- If a CHILD DREAM THAT he is older or adult, it means that he wants to do adult things. - To dream that you are YOUNGER means immaturity.

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- To dream about aged and good quality wine, it means wealth.

- See an agenda in our dream, it means that for our home, things go well we reject an appointment.
- Dreaming of a new agenda in which we have not written anything, tells us that our new project or business will be successful.

Agent, secret:
- Dreaming that we are a secret agent tells us that we will overcome the difficulties.
- Dreaming that we are a secret agent, and we must fulfill a mission, tells us that there is something important that we do well and with discretion.
- Dreaming fail a mission as secret agents, means bad luck in our activities or emotional loneliness.
- To dream that fail a test to be secret agents, means bad luck in our activities and emotional loneliness.

Agree on something:
If in the dream we see our co-workers, schoolmates, employees, etc., agreeing or talking about how to join to do something against us, it means that we must be prudent, since there is a person who is planning to agree with others to harm us in some way.

- Predict: Business success.
- But if someone in the dream, we proposed a deal and we were just thinking that if we accept it or not, means that the future is uncertain.


- If you dream that we CONTRACT AIDS, means we can soon get to health problems; it can also mean that we are in danger of disease infect. This dream advises us to be cautious and get an amulet for health.
- If in our dream we see DEPRAVED ACTS and then we see anything that has to do with AIDS, tells us to be more disciplined in sexual matters to avoid infect a venereal disease or to develop a psychological problem caused by, for example, which have lately been watching too much pornography.

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Means there may be arguments or grudges.
- If we dream that we will aim at someone with the laser sight of a weapon, means that embarrass someone, can cause resentment and revenge, so in this case the dream advises us to be cautious.
- If in our dream someone tells us that we need to have good aim, it means that a difficult battle is approaching.

Aircraft carrier:
- If we dream that we travel on an aircraft carrier and then take off on a fighter plane from it, it means that the constant battles in our lives have made us stronger.

Seeing an airplane tells us that we want to reach a higher level, in this dream it can happen that the plane lands or takes off from a certain place, so that the search for the meaning of the place and everything else we see, can tell us, we need to do, to achieve a higher level, for example, if we see the plane land in front of a bookstore, dream advises us to go to that bookstore to buy books related to what we want to know.
- If we dream that we travel in an airplane and suddenly we suffer an ACCIDENT, in the, it means that to avoid that our projects fail and to reach the level that we want, we must take the necessary measures and precautions.
- If we dream that we are piloting a COMBAT PLANE, it means that we are well prepared for battle (legal, a competition...) and to reach a higher level.

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- If we are waiting at an airport, this means that we have some doubts.
- And all I see happening at the station, is a warning of what awaits us.
- If the plane does not reach, means we can have obstacles to a new course in real life.
- If everything goes smoothly, it means that everything will be fine for us.

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